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Cambridge Lemon Yoghurt Bar – 184 Calories

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The Cambridge Lemon Yoghurt bar is quite a new addition to the Cambridge Weight Plan bar range. It is coated in a lemon yoghurt flavour coating, a bit like a soft icing type texture, and it is very sweet which is another perfect choice if you have a sweet tooth and also want something to […]

Week 8 – 6 1/4 lbs Loss – 21 lbs So Far

After the little gain last week over the Christmas & New year period I was determined to have a great loss this week and I have totally rocked it (sorry to be big headed). This is my biggest weekly loss so far on the Cambridge Weight Plan and I have lost nearly 2 stones now […]

Cambridge Peanut Crunch Bars – 186 Calories

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Cambridge Peanut Crunch Bars are another really sweet meal bar option for those people who have a sweet tooth. Again like the Chocolate Mint Bar they have a gritty taste when you bite into them but the gritty texture totally tastes like real peanuts and is rather like eating a bar of peanut butter coated […]

Cambridge Golden Vegetable Flavouring – 4.8 Calories Per 250ml Serving

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Cambridge Golden Vegetable flavour is a powder which you can use in hot water to make a cuppa soup type snack in between your usual CWP packs during the day or to sprinkle over your meals to spice them up a little. You can have 1 serving as a hot drink each day if you […]

Week 7 – 3 1/4lbs Gain Over New Year – Darn You Jack Daniels

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OK so I gained a few lbs over the New Year period and it is fair to say it was mostly down to my good old friend Jack Daniels, although I did eat for England too. It has been my absolute favourite drink for about 20 years and I probably sunk at least a bottle […]

Dreaded 1st Weigh In of 2013

I am back on the Cambridge Diet 100% today, first day back at work and into a proper routine but saying I am kind of dreading my 1st weight in after the New Year festivities is an understatement. I maintained my weight after my Christmas weigh in and was pleased with that as I didn’t […]