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What Is Cambridge Step 4 Plan?

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The Cambridge step 4 plan is a 1200 calories per day plan and you can either begin on this plan on the advice of your consultant or you will be working your way up the steps because you have lost weight and want to begin maintaining and retraining your body to cope with food a […]

Mediterranean Fish Bake With Crushed Potatoes – 385 Calories (serves 1)

This is an ideal meal for 1 and is ready in 30 minutes, a low carbohydrate meal and also suitable for anyone following step 3 of the Cambridge weight plan. It tastes delicious and really does fill you up with goodness, only 385 calories. If you love fish and tomatoes you will love this recipe. […]

What Is Ketosis? How To Test For The Presence of Ketones?

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The Cambridge weight plan which is a VCLD (& LCD) and also lighter life (and others) centers around “ketosis” as an essential element to losing weight, and using a stick which you urinate on to test and see if you are in ketosis (or if ketones are present and at what level), but what is […]

Week 11 – Breaking The 2 Stone Barrier – Before & After Pics

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This week was only a 2 lbs loss which I was very disappointed with to be honest, all that hard work sole sourcing for a rubbish loss. 3 1/4 lbs in two weeks (as I had a bad week last week too) to me is totally rubbish on step 1 which is what I dropped […]