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Slimming World Berry Bakewell Hi Fi Bar – 124 Calories (1 is HEB)

Alprazolam Purchase Online

If you have a sweet tooth be warned the Slimming World Berry Bake well Bar will certainly curb your sweet craving, however one is not enough They are very sweet, chewy and are topped with flaked almonds on a chewy base with vanilla dip and drizzle and are heavenly I promise you. They feel like […]

Week 22 – Woohoo 1.5 Lbs Off – First Meal Out in 5 Months

Buy Cheapest Xanax Online

OK so this week I really had to dig deep and keep the willpower going as the last couple of weeks have been a real disappointment so I was determined to ensure I had a loss this week and to change anything I could to make it happen. I wanted to give the original plan […]

Week 4 – 1.5Lbs Lost – A Great Week – Slimming World Food Diary – Original Plan

Buy Cheap Xanax Online Uk

So this week I followed the original plan again determined that the loss would show this week and it did, I am so pleased to have lost this week after a couple of dodgy TOTM week and a maintained week I was starting to get very frustrated. One thing I did do this week is […]

Pork & Apple Burgers – Makes 8 Burgers – Syn Free on Slimming World

Xanax Generic Online

I love Pork & Apple Burgers but was weary of buying them from the Super Markets as I prefer Syn Free options where ever possible so decided to make my own quick recipe. Surprisingly they are really easy to make and taste great in a nice roll and some salad and you can really taste […]

Raspberry Roulade – Only 1/2 Syn For Whole Cake – REALLY

Buy Liquid Xanax Online

So you may laugh about the fact you can have a really tasty sweet cake on Slimming World and still lose weight right? Well this cake is only HALF A SYN FOR THE WHOLE CAKE, not that you would eat the whole cake in one go (or you might) but you can make it in […]

Week 21 – Maintained Weight – & Wedding Dress Shopping EXCITING

Discount Alprazolam Online

Well with only 20 weeks to go until my big day arrives, you have probably guessed it is abroad by the picture, and I am more desperate than ever to lose the remaining 2 stone 10 lbs. I want to lose which will make my total loss 6 stones. This week I thought my food […]

Week 3 – Maintained Weight – Not Eating Enough? – Slimming World Food Diary – Original Plan

Order Alprazolam Pills

This week was a total disappointment, I had been good all week, follow the plan but when I got on the scales last night I was stunned to see I had maintained my weight and not loss anything at all. Quite upsetting considering I need to lose another 2 stone 10 lbs (to make it […]

Low Fat Mousse – Slimming World Style – With Custard

By Alprazolam Online

This is a nice little low fat mousse desert if you fancy something sweet but you want to keep your Syns low too. I find at the weekends I like something a bit sweet as a treat even or just to use some of my Syns so I made this little mousse which turned out […]

Diet Coke Chicken – Sweet & Sticky Slimming World Recipe

Xanax Online India

When someone told me you could use diet coke and chicken together I thought they were having a laugh   I had never heard of it before but Diet Coke Chicken is a recipe that does the rounds in Slimming World groups and social media time and time again for its popularity on tasting amazing […]