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Slimming World Classes – Reasons to Stay For Image Therapy After Weigh In

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So you have think oh, I’ll go and get weighed and if you have put on you will leave cause you are fed up and don’t want to speak about it or if you have lost you will leave as you really can’t be bothered to stay for image therapy tonight. You may think oh […]

Slimming World Mint Crunch Hi Fi Bar – 123 Calories – 1 HEB

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As I am a Chocolate Mint junkie and it was my first weigh in I had to buy a pack of the Chocolate Mint Hi Fi Bars and give them a try You can use this bar to replace one of your healthy extra b choices on all plans (HEB) and they are great if […]

Week 20 – 4lbs Lost – Total So Far 3 Stone 4 Lbs

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This weeks weigh in was a 4 lbs loss and I am so pleased as I was terrified when I got on the scales last night. (as many of you will will know I have switched to SW) and I have been following the original plan but combining it a little with Cambridge to ensure […]

Week 1 – 4lbs Lost – Slimming World Food Diary – Original Plan

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After joining Slimming World last week I was determined to document everything I ate to ensure I was sticking within the plan guidelines and recording my sins correctly. Here is my food diary for this week. There are also some photos of my favourite things throughout the week to inspire you too You may also […]


Cambridge Diet Book – An Essential Tool To Cambridge Dieters

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I have been following the Cambridge Weight Plan for 4 months now and have been slightly outraged (if I am honest) and also concerned when a great many participants have been asking in Facebook groups what their allowed foods are on the SS+ & the higher plans. This was one of the reasons I set […]


To Be Confirmed – 2 Crunch Bars Per Day

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Please ask your own CDC to confirm the following information as this has come from 3 consultants who have 10+ years with CWP and have been told verbally, I would assume an official announcement will be made to all consultants in writing as this doesn’t appear to be the case so far. Another consultant also confirmed on twitter this […]