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Exclusive Interview With @WeightLossBitch – 12 Stones Lost – 20 Stones To Go – Read Her Story Here – One Word – SUPERSTAR

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I love doing these success stories and this lady is a big big inspiration for me personally. I remember the week before I joined my group and was looking around on Twitter and picked up one of her daily blog stories and was amazed how well she had done so far with her weight loss […]

Binge Eating – I Was Out of Control – Confession Time

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I am 3 1/2 stone down (last picture on the right hand side) since I began my weight loss journey 24 weeks ago (picture on the far left) and I am feeling pretty proud of myself that I have finally broken a really bad cycle on binge eating which led me to where I was […]


Week 23 1lb Lost – But A Very Very Sad & Emotional Week

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I am a little late writing this update but this week I lost a 1lb which I was OK with, was hoping for more but i guess the beauty of weight coming off slowly means it will stay off in the long run. I have 35 Lbs to go to target (which will means a […]

Week 5 – 1 Lbs Lost – Slimming World Food Diary – Original Plan

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Switched my cereals this week and no 1 week is ever the same food wise so lots of changes this week and I even coped with dinning out Friday night too was very happy with my loss – 1 lb to go for my 3 ½ stone milestone next week, I am going to smash […]