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Week 38 – Maintained – 3 Days Till Hen Do &17 Days Till I Get Married EEEEKK

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So this weeks weigh in (which was Wednesday last week sorry bit late again with wedding planning taking over everything) was a little disappointing as I maintained and honestly do not know why as I felt a loss was for sure again, not sure at all why I maintained but the body works in mysterious […]

Week 37 2 1/2 Lbs Loss – 3 Days To Go To Final Wedding Dress Fitting

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This week I kinda expected to lose a decent bit as I had a poor 1/2lb loss the week before and was chuffed when I saw another 2 1/2 lb loss on the scale last week (sorry I am a bit late writing this post busy bee with wedding arrangements etc.) This brings me to […]


Week 36 1/2 Lbs Loss – Now What Does My Wedding Dress Look Like?

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This weeks loss was an OK one due to bodily functions yet again, I now know what to expect so don’t get over excited on those weeks but a loss is a loss right? and I am 4lbs away from my next big milestone (4 1/2 stone loss) and the same away from my club […]