Monthly Archives: October 2013

Week 41 – 3 LBS Off – Back On Track Finally

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I have to admit having a month off track for the wedding and the 10 lbs gain as a result it has been a long hard slog of emotions these last 4 weeks but I finally refocused properly and was really chuffed with a 3lbs loss this week.  All I needed was to see that […]

Speed Soup – Slimming World – Free On Extra Easy Plan

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Speed Soup is the name given to this recipe which is supposed to boost weight loss whilst following the extra easy plan on slimming world. It is totally Syn Free and contains tons of vegetables and speed foods as they are called. I tweaked the recipe slightly which I got from group last week and […]


Week 40 – Refocused BigTime After Honeymoon – 11 Week Xmas Countdown

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OK so I admit it has taken me two or three weeks since I returned from our fabulous wedding and honeymoon in Cyprus to get back on track with Slimming World again. This proves anyone can lose focus even the most focused people can have a lapse, but the important thing is to admit you […]

Week 39 Post Wedding – New Weight loss Goals

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Now the wedding is sadly over, although it will never be over for me memory wise :-), I did gain 10lbs over the last 4 weeks of wedding celebrations and need some new goals now to lose what I have gained and get to my target weight as quickly as I can. The week or […]