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Exante Diet Banana Shake – 200 Calories

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Exante Diet Banana Shake was a bit colourless on first mixing it, I expected it to have a bit more colour that you would expect from a banana shake but it was a very pale yellow. However colour aside the shake is quite tasty, very thick so it feels like it will last longer and […]

Exante Diet Chocolate Shake – 200 Calories

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This one started as a bit of a disaster as I forgot to close the top on my shaker and covered myself with it, not impressed considering I was wearing a light grey jumper and white vest top underneath, what a @looming mess lol. The shake I managed to salvage in the end and have […]

Exante Diet Porridge Oats – 200 Calories

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I have to say in all honesty the porridge does taste very good indeed. It has its own sweetener so you don’t need to add any crushed tablet form sweetener to it, the lumpy bits pass very well as porridge and overall it is really nice. I would have this for breakfast any day of […]

Exante Diet Chocolate Orange Bar – 219 Calories

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The Exante Diet Chocolate Orange Bar is very similar to a rice crispy cake bar. It is chewy, has lots of choc chips with a hint of orange but in my opinion the orange flavour could be a little stronger as I felt the chocolate taste overpowers the whole bar. The bar is nice and […]


Exante Diet – What Is It & How Do I Order Exante Products?

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The biggest plus for me on the Exante Diet is the cost saving against other VCLD plans such as the Cambridge Diet. The cost saving is quite incredible to be honest and you should definitely check it out before you make a decision but here are my thoughts on the Exante Diet having tested some […]