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Exante Pasta Carbonara – 207 Calories

Alprazolam Purchase Online

Ok so I was a little sceptical when I saw Exante have a Pasta Carbonara meal in a sachet which you make up with 250ml of hot water which you have to let stand for 5 minutes and then microwave for 2 minutes to finish it off. When I opened the sachet there are indeed […]

Exante Mushroom Soup – 200 Calories

Buy Cheapest Xanax Online

The Exante Mushrrom Soup is a nice thick soup. I made mine with a whisk and 250ml hot water and it turned out well and not watery. It has quite a few pieces of mushroom in it and not gritty, really smooth. It tastes really nice rather like a cuppa soup and is my favourite […]

Exante Strawberry Shake – 200 Calories

Buy Cheap Xanax Online Uk

The Exante Strawberry Shake is probably one of my favourite shakes from the ones I have tested so far. It is really smooth and creamy with plenty of strawberry flavouring. Again like the other Exante shakes there is no grittiness at all and is a really thick shake too. Very similar to the other shakes, […]

Exante Vanilla Shake – 200 Calories

Xanax Generic Online

The Exante Vanilla Shake is really creamy like a McDonalds milk shake but of course without the ice cream, very nice tasting and not gritty at all. You can really taste the vanilla in it, creamy and smooth one of my favourite shakes so far I think. Sometimes I can’t believe these shakes are made […]

SuperDry Still Selling Angora Products Online, In-Store & Partner Sites – Join The Ban SuperDry & Do The Right Thing!

Buy Liquid Xanax Online

Having lost loads of weight my favourite brand of clothing is now Superdry and in the last couple of months I have filled my wardrobe at great expense with new t-shirts, jeans, boots, jumpers and cardigans. As the cold weather comes along, all my clothes were mostly summer clothes so I had to buy some […]

A New Style VCLD Diet Facebook Group – Everyone Is Welcome

Buy Xanax Nyc

With Christmas just around the corner many people will be thinking about starting or re-starting a VCLD such as Cambridge Diet or Exante Diet in the New Year to shed those unwanted pounds. My choice is Slimming World now but Ive been running this website for nearly a year now and am being constantly asked […]

Exante Toffee Nut & Raisin Bar – 223 Calories

Prescription Drugs Online Xanax

The Exante Toffee, Nut & Raisin Bar Definitely tastes of nuts and toffee and is so far my favourite bar although there are no actual nuts in it. It is really chewy and sweet, a good sized bar and has rice crispy bits in it. It is not dry, very moist and chewy and doesn’t […]