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On January 14, 2013
Last modified:November 20, 2013

Buy Xanax Fast Shipping, Safe Place To Order Xanax Online

This bar is not crunchy like the chocolate mint or peanut bar it is coated in plain chocolate but has a soft orange center which is quite chewy.

Alprazolam Purchase Online
This bar is not crunchy like the Xanax Sales Online or Best Online Xanax Reviews  it is coated in plain chocolate but has a soft orange center which is quite chewy. It is rather like a harder orange cream filling like you get in quality street or roses sweets but the orange is quite a subtle taste and not overpowering.

As it is chewy not crunchy the bar doesn’t take as long to consume as the others so it does leave you feeling a little unsatisfied.

The whole 52g bar is only 169 calories which is lower than the other Cambridge bars but you do not have to worry about the calories specifically as you can choose 1 bar a day from the entire range of bars.

As with all Cambridge bars you are recommended to drink a further 1/2 pint of water on top of your usual intake. Cambridge recommend that you drink this just before you consume the bar but it is really down to you.

Not one of the nicest tasting Cambridge bars however this depends on personal preference. It isn’t a bar I would probably buy again.

Nutrition Information per 52g bar
Protein 10.8g
carbohydrates 22.2g
of which sugars
polyols 11.9g
starch 0.5g
The bar also contains 0.4g linoleic acid and 0.03g linolenic acid

Ingredients – Maltitol syrup, plain chocolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein, whey powder, soluble fibre, powdered cellulose, vegetable oils, potassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, soya lecithin, compound vitamin and mineral mixture.

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Buy Xanax Fast Shipping, Safe Place To Order Xanax Online

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