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Product by:

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On March 21, 2013
Last modified:November 20, 2013

Xanax Prescriptions Online, Alprazolam Buy India

Cambridge have come up with the Summer Berry Water Flavouring which I have to say is a fantastic little product and really gives your water a nice taste if you are bored of plain water

Alprazolam Purchase OnlineWhen following the Cambridge plan you are directed by your consultant not to drink sugar free juices or diet fizzy drinks. You can drink plain or fizzy water, tea, coffee and fruit teas and yes this is a little limited however they have come up with the Summer Berry Water Flavouring which I have to say is a fantastic little product and really gives your water a nice taste if you are bored of plain water as you have to drink a recommended 2.25l per day on the plan (0.5l more if you have a bar or ready -made shakes)

It is also great in fizzy water as an alternative to diet fizzy drinks and with the few ice cubes is very refreshing on a hot day (although we don’t have many of those in the UK :-)

You can have 5g of this every day in up to 1L of your water and I tend to use mine in the evening with fizzy water when I get home as I drink plain water while at work during the day.  The little tub lasts ages, be careful when you open it for the first time and don’t breath heavily while opening it as you will find the really fine powder travels quickly up your nose which is weird :-)

Tips For Use

A great tip is you can use this flavouring together with Mix A Mousse and water to make jelly baby type sweets (thanks Helen Jay for the tip) and I recommend you try these although they don’t last long :-)

What other cool things do you do with your Cambridge water flavourings and other products, comment below and share you tips with us….

Nutritional Information per 100ml

– Energy KJ 5.2
– Kcal 1.2
– Protein 0.04g
– Carbohydrate 0.01g
– Fat 0g
– Fibre Trace
– Sodium 0.01g


Malic acid, Acidity regulator, Sodium citrate, Calcium phosphate, sweetner (Aspatame) Flavouring.

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Xanax Prescriptions Online, Alprazolam Buy India

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