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On April 3, 2013
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The Cambridge Weight Plan Steps Program Book In my view should be given to every single person who begins the plan, whether they begin on Sole Source or a higher step!

Cambridge Weight Plan Steps Program BookI have been following the Cambridge Weight Plan for 4 months now and have been slightly outraged (if I am honest) and also concerned when a great many participants have been asking in Facebook groups what their allowed foods are on the SS+ & the higher plans. This was one of the reasons I set up my website to support, help and inspire other people on the plan so they could find answers in addition to calling their Consultant for help or trawling the CWP Forum for information.

I understand that a lot of people begin on Sole Source (liquids only) but many others do begin on higher steps of the Cambridge Weight Plan because their BMI is too high to begin on Sole Source as mine was. However a lot of people I have spoken to have not even been given the most basic tool – The Cambridge Weight Plan Steps Program Book. In my view this book should be given to every single person who begins the plan, whether they begin on Sole Source or step 2, step 3, step 4, step 5 or step 6.

The reason I believe this is Cambridge is not just a liquid diet, it is a healthy eating program and people need to understand how the plan works properly and not just do the liquid diet part and then go back to their old eating habits….but if they are not given the book how can they understand?

Cambridge Weight Plan Steps Program ContentsThe RRP for this book is only £1.85 and I would gladly pay this (although mine was give to me when I joined with my consultant as part of a £3 joining fee)

£1.85 is a small price to pay for such a useful and ESSENTIAL tool to follow the plan effectively.

The books goes through all steps 1-6, allowed foods, recipes for each step, success stories ,other dietary information and general information.

I understand different consultants have different charging structures for the products and materials but when anyone is joining the plan this MUST be provided as an option to buy to ensure the individual is getting the most of the plan and to ensure they see it as a long term commitment with long term results if followed correctly and not a quick fix plan.

I would be really interested in anyone else’s point of view below, please post a comment if you have an opinion or have a comment on this, comments also welcome from Cambridge Consultants……..

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  1. Nigel says:

    Spot on Karen, personally I give every client this book, all literature and magazines for free. Consultants should offer this book to everyone, if they don’t, you need to ask for one. It covers all the basics for weight loss including things to watch out for health wise. My mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help you, not only to lose weight, but to keep it off forever. The only way I am going to change a persons lifestyle is to educate them and show them how. The information I give away is only part of the total education package that a client will need on their journey. It becomes more important to read a lot of information, especially in weight maintenance, where food and choices come into play. And it’s invariably not an easy journey. The weight loss part is actually the easy part. Maintenance is likely to take patience, practice and involve mistakes. And even after that, you may find that an illness will strike and you have to lose weight again. It’s all part of life, but knowing what to do, and how to do it is reassuring and motivating in its self. What you learn will be useful in maintaining your weight for the reat of your life. The weight loss is actually a bit of a ‘no brainer’ as everything is provided and nutritionally complete. Just drink the water and the ‘fairy dust’ shakes take care of most everything else.

  2. Sousa Hari says:

    Hi I came by this post by accident, so thanks Karen. I’m an accredited Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, and a performance strategies coach. I had coached Weight Loss clients before being trained by Cambridge in Medical Protocol, Nutrition & Exercise plus business know-how.
    I have a client who had tried Cambridge years before, then went to LighterLife before having some weight loss success. When she told me she didn’t get any support from her Cambridge consultant, not even a Steps book, I was shocked! That’s like getting flat-pack furniture with no diagrams or instructions! Any Cambridge consultant who just sells the products is doing a great disservice to their clients and to Cambridge, whose ethos is about giving each client the long-term support and encouragement they need to break free from their old eating habits and begin taking on a healthy eating regime.
    If you don’t get great service, then move on to another consultant, please don’t just struggle on alone!

    I love the ideas for the Cambridge water flavourings – the tubs go a long way as only one teaspoon is needed in a litre of water. There are Orange, Summer Berries and as a hot drink alternative, Golden Vegetable flavourings available and that gives variety to drinking three litres of water per day.

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