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Cambridge Cranberry Crunch Bar – 174 Calories

Alprazolam Purchase Online

                The Cambridge cranberry bar is a crunchy bar not a chewy bar like toffee and the orange ones and is coated in creamy milk chocolate. Out of all the bars this I feel is the most refreshing one of them all. Like many of the others it […]

Cambridge Malt Toffee Bar – 169 Calories

Buy Cheapest Xanax Online

Cambridge malt toffee bar is a chewy bar, not a crunchy bar, just like the chocolate orange bar. It is coated in coated in milk chocolate and has a soft toffee/caramel type center which actually tastes a bit like coffee too if I am honest which is a bit odd. Although having said that I […]

Cambridge Chocolate Orange Bar – 169 Calories

Buy Cheap Xanax Online Uk

This bar is not crunchy like the chocolate mint or peanut bar  it is coated in plain chocolate but has a soft orange center which is quite chewy. It is rather like a harder orange cream filling like you get in quality street or roses sweets but the orange is quite a subtle taste and […]

Cambridge Maple & Pecan Porridge – 144 Calories

Xanax Generic Online

Cambridge Weight Plan’s Maple & Pecan Porridge is one of the three porridge options available on the plan. It has the same calorie count as the apple & cinnamon but is certainly  a sweeter option overall. I find adding a little ground cinnamon to this porridge gives it a little spice and curbs the sweet taste. […]

Cambridge Lemon Yoghurt Bar – 184 Calories

Buy Liquid Xanax Online

The Cambridge Lemon Yoghurt bar is quite a new addition to the Cambridge Weight Plan bar range. It is coated in a lemon yoghurt flavour coating, a bit like a soft icing type texture, and it is very sweet which is another perfect choice if you have a sweet tooth and also want something to […]

Cambridge Peanut Crunch Bars – 186 Calories

Order Alprazolam Online Uk

Cambridge Peanut Crunch Bars are another really sweet meal bar option for those people who have a sweet tooth. Again like the Chocolate Mint Bar they have a gritty taste when you bite into them but the gritty texture totally tastes like real peanuts and is rather like eating a bar of peanut butter coated […]

Cambridge Golden Vegetable Flavouring – 4.8 Calories Per 250ml Serving

Order Xanax 2Mg Online

Cambridge Golden Vegetable flavour is a powder which you can use in hot water to make a cuppa soup type snack in between your usual CWP packs during the day or to sprinkle over your meals to spice them up a little. You can have 1 serving as a hot drink each day if you […]

Cambridge Apple & Cinnamon Porridge – 144 Calories

Xanax Online Romania

Cambridge Weight Plan Apple & Cinnamon Porridge is a great choice for breakfast or dinner and is made with 140ml (5 fl oz) of hot water and microwaved for just 1 minute, At only 144 calories. You need to consume all CWP packs within 15 minutes of making them and this one does need a […]

Cambridge Chocolate Mint Bars – 174 Calories

How To Purchase Xanax Online

Cambridge Diet Chocolate Mint bars taste amazing. I am a total chocaholic so this really takes my sweet cravings away and they taste similar to crunchy mints sticks/match makers by Nestle I @hit you not! They do have a gritty texture once you bite into them but the chocolate mint flavour totally makes you forget […]