Cambridge Diet Changes Policy on Yoghurt Coated Bars – Up To 3 Per Day

cambridge barsA few weeks ago some will remember there was (what turned out to be) an unofficial announcement about policy changes in regards to how many bars a day you could have.I took quite a lot of stick on twitter from many CDCs who hadn’t been informed of the change.

The story was basically a few CDCs where told, then it was withdrawn but by then news had got out and there was lots of confusion all round due to miscommunications……..however…there is some welcome news on this subject and I felt it only correct to publish this in response to my earlier article on this last month when I was given the incorrect information …………….

The following should not be news to anyone following the Cambridge Weight Plan since all CDCs have been informed by HQ, but if it is news to you then please read the below and remember speak to your CDC regarding this and follow their advice.

From HQ…..

Our advice on bars, which you can give to your customers straightaway, is now:

1. Bars should not be introduced until you have been following Sole Source for at least two weeks.

2. Bars contain a slightly higher proportion of carbohydrate than the other Cambridge Weight Plan products, so if limitation of carbohydrate intake is important then using two bars may compromise this. Remember that carbohydrate will suppress blood ketones levels.

3. We recommend that only one Chewy or Crunch bar be consumed per day. However for the Yoghurt Coated bars, more than one may be consumed per day – provided points 1 and 2 are not an issue. Yoghurt Coated bars may be consumed in addition to your one-a-day of either the Chewy or Crunch bar, and up to the maximum number of products allowed each day.

Therefore, possible combinations of products (for a three-a-day Sole Source) could be:

• 1 x Chewy/Crunch bar, 1 x Yoghurt Coated bar, 1 x Porridge/Soup/Shake/ready-made
• 2 x Yoghurt Coated and 1 x Porridge/Soup/Shake/ready-made
• 2 x Yoghurt Coated bar, 1 Chewy/Crunch bar
• 3 x Yogurt Coated bar

The guidance on water intake remains the same.

If you choose a ready-made shake or bar then you must drink an additional 0.25 litre of fluid.

So when you consume a bar we suggest that you drink a glass of water at the same time.

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  1. She18 says:

    That doesn’t make any sense? The yoghurt coated bars have more carbs and calories than the peanut crunch bars?
    Also, a peanut crunch bar has the same amount of carbs as other products, just a few more calories. So does having a bar before the 2 weeks really matter?

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