Cambridge Diet Cost – What Can I Expect to Pay Per Week? 2014 RRP

compare CWP pricesLots of people are asking questions about what the cost of the Cambridge diet is on a weekly basis and of course it is not cheap but the results are very rewarding as you can see my Emma Sealey’s amazing 19 stone loss here. Money is a factor for anyone so I think this post is useful to give people a steer on what sort of costs I have been paying to give you an idea of what to expect.

Cambridge Diet Costs – From 1st April 2013 & onwards into 2014
(individual consultants are given an RRP from Cambridge – but it is up to them to put together their own charging structure for products – remember some charge more some charge less – consultants will differ but these are the RRP from 1st April 2013 (&2014) to give you an idea of what to expect)


  • Diet drinks, porridges & soups (packets including lactose free)
  • RRP £1.90-£2.05
  • Meal bars
  • RRP £2.20 – £2.40
  • Tetras (ready-made shakes)
  • RRP £2.25 – £2.45
  • Drink mixes
  • RRP £7.20 – £7.50
  • Mix-a-Mousse
  • RRP £4.55 – £4.85
  • Cambridge Fibre
  • RRP £6.55 – £6.85
  • Ready Meals
  • RRP £3.50-3.70

I won’t lie to you, you have to be dedicated on CWP otherwise you are just spanking your money away and you have to want to lose weight and be quite self-motivated although there are some amazing groups on Facebook and also the CWP forum and lots of other help including your consultant (there are some amazing consultants out there) so you will never be alone on your journey.

I think paying for this type of plan is an extra motivation to stick to it too other than the goals you want to achieve in the first place. I also made a list of things which keep me motivated too which helps me through.

The way it works is there are over 2000 Cambridge Weight Plan consultants across the UK (not to mention in other countries) and each consultant is given a RRP list for all the products they will be selling you. Some mark up the prices and some keep them lower it is down to the individual consultant however my consultant, having spoken to a number of other people, is on the cheaper side of the coin and sells shakes & soups at £1.85 per pack and bars at £2.05 per pack, water flavourings are £6 per tub and ready- made shakes are £2.05 (but I never use those)

My average weekly prices so far have been as follows:

Costs – Step 1 (SS & SS+) & Step 2 – 21 products for the week (3 products per day)
7 porridges – £12.95
7 Shakes – £12.95
7 Bars – £14.35
Total for the week = £40.25 (average cost per product £1.91)

Costs – Step 3 – 14 products for the week (2 products per day)
7 Shakes – £12.95
7 Bars – £14.35
Total for the week = £27.30 (average cost per product £1.95)

If we average what my consultant charges it comes to around £1.91 per product but usually the bars and ready-made shakes are a little more expensive than packet shakes, soups and porridges so the around £2.00 per product on the CWP website here is an accurate representation of what you would be paying

Overall about £42.00 per week is a good price for 21 products – Cambridge also published a comparison to other diet plans, I am not sure how it is worked out but it is a pretty accurate representation of weekly costs which is the image above.

I have spoken to people who are paying in the high £40’s for 21 products, it does depend on the consultant but some charge a one off membership fee of a couple of quid and give you the book in that and others just charge for the book and no membership fee. Some are mobile consultants and visit you in your home others have business premises, It sounds complex but it isn’t really and let’s be clear consultants are there to help you and my personal experience has been a really good one and I know I am in good hands as I am sure you will be too :-)

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