To Be Confirmed – 2 Crunch Bars Per Day

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Please ask your own CDC to confirm the following information as this has come from 3 consultants who have 10+ years with CWP and have been told verbally, I would assume an official announcement will be made to all consultants in writing as this doesn’t appear to be the case so far. Another consultant also confirmed on twitter this information is correct.

I thought I would write this up quickly as I know a lot of Cambridge dieters will be really happy with this news  if it is indeed now official policy :-)

Cambridge have verbally confirmed to a few CDC’s recently that you are now allowed 2 crunch bars or lemon yoghurt bars per day, (not chewy ones)  previously you where only allowed one bar per day……….this has been a verbal communication so far……Remember if you have bars you will have to drink a further half pint per day of water for each bar (same with the tetras) but this, if indeed is true,  will be welcome news as the bars are well liked by the Cambridge Dieter community…….

Consultants I am sure will be making sure they have plenty of stocks of the following bars below now you can have 2 a day from these four :-)…….LETS HOPE THE RUMOURS INDEED ARE TRUE….

Cranberry Crunch Bar
Lemon Yoghurt Bar
Peanut Crunch Bar
Chocolate Mint Bar

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