What Is The Cambridge Step 1 Plan?

cambridge step 1 planThe Cambridge Weight Plan Step 1 has two options, Sole Source and Sole Source +. These are classed as VLCD’s (very low calories diets) Your Cambridge consultant will advise you which plan you should follow (this is not advice only factual information as I have found in many Facebook groups people do get confused or are not provided with enough information to follow the plan effectively – this is to assist and help people should they need clarity)

Step 1 Option A Sole Source – it does what it says on the tin, no food is allowed only 3 Cambridge Weight Packs per day plus you are recommended to drink a minimum of 4 litres of fluid per day (water (still or sparkling), black coffee, black tea and herbal teas (not fruit teas) and cambridge water flavourings
For male or females above 5ft 8ins (1.73m), 4 CWP packs must be eaten. It is recommended if you have the meal bars then you consume only 1 per day and drink an additional 1/2 pint of water.

Step 1 Option B Sole Source+ – The difference with this plan is you do exactly the same as Sole Source but you are allowed in addition either 200ml of skimmed milk or a 200 kcal meal (see allowable food list below) – I know which one I would choose :-) I find SS+ works well for me personally as I like the idea of looking forward to a small meal each day but talk to your consultant and make sure you follow their advice as they are trained on the plan and will know which plan is best for you.

No Alcohol is allowed (on steps 1 -5) because of its high calorie content and you should not drink anything other than what is above (no diet coke or Pepsi max for example)

You may even start on a higher step than than step 1 depending on your BMI – The important thing is you loose weight and safely which is why it is important to listen to your Cambridge consultant.

For more information read below but also bear in mind before starting the plan potential side effects you may experience so you are aware before you begin on what to expect in the first few weeks

Suitable Recipes (SS+)
Chargrilled Chicken

Italian Garlic Chicken with Leeks
Chicken & Spinach Curry
Tuna & Salad Burgers
Chicken, Mushroom & Green Pepper Quiche
Spicy Turkey Burgers
Spicy Mexican Chicken
Piri Piri Chicken & Homemade Couscous
Prawn Curry & Spring Onion
Herb Crusted Cod with Asparagus & Poached Egg

Allowable Food List – Sole Source + (uncooked weights)

170g Chicken orm turkey breast (skinless)
180g tuna (in water not oil)
200g Quorn
225g cottage cheese, plain, reduced fat (less than 2% fat)
230g Cod, haddock, or other white fish
185g prawns pre-cooked
250g steamed tofu
2 large eggs

+ 80g of either

cabbage (even pickled)
chinese leafy greens (including pak choi & chinese cabbage)
green peppers
lettuce, lambs lettuce, little gem, rocket,Romaine, raddicchio
red radishes
spring onions

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  1. Nelle says:

    Is it okay to take 2 shakes a day during Step 1? OR I’ll need to at least have the minimum calories of 3 shakes a day?

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