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cambridge step 3 planStep 3 is the middle plan from Cambridge which is a 1000 calories per day plan. On this plan you will only consume 2 CWP products rather than 3 per day on Order Xanax Overnight and Xanax Online Uk Forum  Of course speak to your consultant who will advise you on which plan to follow.

This step can be useful to either start on and gradually move down the steps to zero food or is used when you begin moving up the steps towards maintaining your weight BUT you will still lose weight on this plan, this was the step I began on and I averaged 3-4 lbs a week but remember everyone’s body is different. Suitable for those with BMI over 40.

On this plan you also have food in addition to the 2 CWP food packs:
– 150 calorie Breakfast (see allowable foods below)
– A 460 calorie dinner (see allowable foods below)
– A salad for lunch
– 1/2 pint of skimmed milk & 4 pints of fluid

You will not be able to follow Step 3 is any of the following apply to you
– You are prescribed arrhythmia medication for irregularities in your heart rate
– You are male with a BMI of 50 or more and a female with a BMI of 60 or more

No alcohol is allowed on steps 1-5 due to high calorie content so unfortunately I have given up Jack Daniels and coke for the moment :-(

For more information read below but also bear in mind before starting the plan Alprazolam Purchase Online you may experience so you are aware before you begin on what to expect in the first few weeks

should consist of the following 3 items
– 1x CWP
– 284ml/1/2 pint of skimmed milk or – 170g low fat yoghurt
– 1 x 150 calorie breakfast from the (allowable breakfast options below) OR 150 calories of fruit (see fruit options below)

You should have
– 1 x CWP
– A small bowl of green salad (see salad on the allowable vegetable options below)

Evening Meal (460 calories)
A main meal as per the Protein, Vegetable & Carbohydrate allowable food lists below & up to 50 calories of fruit (again from the list of fruit below)
Choose from option B allowable recipes & up to 50 calories of fruit

Allowable Breakfast Food Options
– 40g no added sugar museli using milk from your allowance – Alpen Original is a good option (in the blue box)
– 2 shredded wheat using milk from daily allowance
– Bowl of porridge (40g porridge oats) and milk from daily allowance
– 1 boiled egg, small slice of granary bread (400g loaf) with a scraping of very low fat spread

Allowable Fruit Options

step 3 fruit options








Allowable Recipes (for evening meal + 50 calories of fruit) – Option B
Brochette of turkey, peppers and corn on the cob with basmati rice
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Best Online Xanax Reviews
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Chicken, Leek & Potato Curry
Chicken, Leek & Potato Soup
Xanax Australia Buy Online
Alprazolam Buy India
Buying Xanax Uk

Allowable Evening Meal Carbohydrate Options

– 40g brown or basmati rice, couscous or wholemeal pasta
– 150g sweet potatoe
– 180g baked potatoe
– 200g new potatoes

Allowable Evening Meal Protein Options
70g soya beans, dried weight
80g red lentils, dried weight
80g chickpeas, dried weight
80g black eye beans, dried weight
96g aduki beans, dried weight
190 tuna steak, fresh
225g chickpeas, canned, drained
245g chicken or turkey breast without skin/fat
250g pre-cooked prawns
260g cottage cheese, plain (less than 5% fat)
330g cottage cheese, plain (less than 2% fat)
260g tinned tuna (in water/brine)
330g white fish fillett, e.g cod, haddock
275g quorn mince,pieces
2 large eggs

Allowable Lunch (Salad) & Evening Meal Vegetable Options 80g
cabbage (even pickled)
chinese leafy greens (including pak choi & chinese cabbage)
green peppers
green salad lettuce, lambs lettuce, little gem, rocket,Romaine, raddicchio
red radishes
spring onions

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