What Is Cambridge Step 4 Plan?

cambridge step 4The Cambridge step 4 plan is a 1200 calories per day plan and you can either begin on this plan on the advice of your consultant or you will be working your way up the steps because you have lost weight and want to begin maintaining and retraining your body to cope with food a bit more at a time. This step is suitable for anyone with a BMI of over 20 or if you are over weight but take the advice of your CDC as they advise you properly on which plan you should be following as there are also restrictions regarding medical matters on all Cambridge plans.

You will consume on step 4, 2 CWPs per day, eat a breakfast of 150 calories or 250 calories, eat lunch of 200 or 300 calories, eat dinner and a desert of 370 calories. In addition to you drink 1/2 pint of skimmed milk (which you can use in tea, coffee or breakfast as you desire) and drink at least 4 pints of fluids/water every day (2.25 litres)

As you can see below there is a great deal of choice on this plan to continue your diet journey of becoming a healthier, slimmer you!

For more information read below but also bear in mind before starting the plan potential side effects you may experience so you are aware before you begin on what to expect in the first few weeks

Breakfast Option 1

1 x CWP
1 x 1/2 pint skimmed milk or 170g low fat yoghurt
1 x choice of 250 calorie breakfast

250 Calorie Breakfast Options – Select 1 option

– Segment half a grapefruit & a small orange, top with 150g pot of plain yoghurt. Add a small slice of granary bread with a scrape of low fat spread and reduced sugar jam
– Medium slice of granary bread, scrape of low fat spread and jam or marmalade, 1 clementine or small peach and 150g low fat yoghurt
– 2 grilled tomatoes with 1 egg scrambled with milk taken from allowance plus 1 large slice of granary bread with a scrape of low fat spread
– 250ml pure fruit smoothie, 2 rye crisp breads spread with very low fat soft cheese.

Breakfast Option 2

– 1 x CWP
– 1 x 284ml (1/2 pint) skimmed milk or 150g low fat yoghurt
– 1 x your choice of 150 calorie breakfast

150 Calories Breakfast – Selection 1 Option

– 40g no added sugar muesli (with milk from allowance)
– 2 shredded wheat (with milk from allowance)
– Bowl of porridge (40g porridge oats & milk from allowance)
– 1 x boiled egg, 1 small slice of granary bread with scraping of very low fat spread

Lunch Option 1 (with option 1 breakfast)

1 x CWP
1 x 200 calorie lunch

200 Calorie Lunch Ideas:

– Ham & tomato pasta salad -boil 30g of pasta, mix 1 tbsp of plain low fat natural yoghurt with 1 tsp of tomato puree. Chop 4 cherry tomatoes, 40g ham, 40g cucumber & 1 stick of celery and mix with yoghurt and drained pasta.
– Potato & chickpea salad – mix 3 cooked new potatoes (120g) with 1 tbsp of fat-free dressing, 2 heaped tbsp of canned chickpeas & serve on a bed of lettuce.
– 1 x Low calories (less than 70cal) cup a soup, serve with granary roll and a small side salad with 1 tsp of low fat dressing (less than 1)

 Lunch Option 2 (with option 2 breakfast)

1 x CWP
1 x 300 calorie lunch

300 Calories Lunch Ideas:

– 135g of bakes beans on 1 toasted crumpet, topped with 1 poached egg with 80g of grapes
– Watercress & cheese salad, 2 x large slices of granary bread, with very low fat soft cheese, cucumber and watercress, follow with 150g strawberries
– Wholemeal tuna & sweetcorn pitta, mix 45g drained tuna with 1 tbsp of drained tinned sweetcorn & serve with carrot sticks

Evening Tea – 370 Calories with desert

You can either choose from the recipes below or you have the flexibility to make your own within the calorie amount. Remember always choose healthy meals, you can also buy the Meals in minutes Recipe Book from Cambridge which you can obtain from your consultant or buy from Amazon.

Recipe Options

Marinated Chicken Skewer With Noodles
Cheese & Potato Pie With Leeks, Mushrooms & Tomatoes
Oven Baked Salmon & Vegetable Parcels
Prawn Stir Fry With Rice
Veggie Macaroni Cheese
Chicken With Tangy Tomatoes & Spring Onion Mash

Remember to add a 70 calories fruit option from the list below to complete your evening meal.

step 4 fruit options

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  1. corinna says:

    I love the Cambridge plan its healthy and suits my needs. I have loads off foods to choose from and probably eating more now than I did when i was overweight ! i got used to drinking all the water in just over a week …i would say keeping away from the cakes was hard the fist week but a breeze now ….love it…

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