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Order Xanax OvernightHaving followed the plan for a while and shakes do get a little boring after a while I wanted to try something different to keep up my motivation for one thing.

I reached out to a few Facebook groups I am in to find out what other fellow dieters add to their Cambridge Weight Plan shakes to make them interesting. There are some amazing ideas in the list below and really creative ideas considering the limited choices we have

The 3 groups below are very inspiring and are full of amazing people who motivate each other and give words of support and some great discussions happen too (friendly discussions).  Check the links out below the list if you want extra support and motivation on your Cambridge journey I highly recommend you join these groups if you haven’t already and thank you to everyone who has contributed to this list so far.

Xanax Online Uk Forum and I will add those to the list, I would love to hear from you…OR add your own comments to the bottom of this post….

1. Add a spoon of coffee in the tetra’s, (the ready  made shakes)and have them hot.
2. Orange flavouring is lovely in the vanilla shake and tastes a bit like lemon meringue.
3. Add berry flavouring in the chocolate shake which makes a sort of black forest gateau which is lovely
4. The porridge made as a shake with hot water makes a sort of malty drink
5. Hot chocolate mint is heaven
7. Add ice to any shake and blend to make a cool refreshing shake in the summer or a slush puppy type shake which is lovely
8. Add 2 tsp of coffee in vanilla shake to make a hot cappuccino
9. Add cinnamon to a vanilla shake – yum
11. 2tsp of coffee in a chocolate shake made with hot water = mocha
12. Vanilla shake, cold water + a sprinkle of the fruit water flavourings
13. Mango shake, cold water & orange water flavouring
14. Strawberry, cold water & berry water flavouring
15. Any chocolate varieties, vanilla, or cookie and cream with nearly boiling water
16. The vanilla shake, 2tsp coffee with cold water and lots of ice, blend makes = similar to a Frappuccino:)
17.  Alprazolam Purchase Online to make a tasty mousse rather than a boring shake

Xanax Sales Online

Exante, Cambridge OR Any VCLD starters & re-starters group
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