Exante Diet – What Is It & How Do I Order Exante Products?

exante dietThe biggest plus for me on the Exante Diet is the cost saving against other VCLD plans such as the Cambridge Diet. The cost saving is quite incredible to be honest and you should definitely check it out before you make a decision but here are my thoughts on the Exante Diet having tested some of the products available. Individual product reviews will be added shortly to give you an idea of what the products are like in terms of taste and texture and what other dieters think of them too.

The main difference on the Exante Diet is there are no weekly meetings or weight ins so you do pay quite a bit more on other VCLD plans for support, expertise, help and advice from your consultant. In addition the Exante Diet is so much cheaper and to me is virtually the same plan with about the same amount of choices of products too. Exante is also totally online so you can order your products really quickly (delivered the next day) plus there are recipes and all the plan information on the website and a forum with an established community of Exante dieters helping each other on a daily basis so you get the support just in a different way.

There are Soups, Shakes, Bars, Ready Meals, Bars, all the extras such as shakers plus they sell the products in bumper packs making it even more cost effective to follow Exante in favour of other VCLD plans on the market, you can read more about Cambridge Diet here . You can buy a few products or a weeks’ worth to try it out or a whole months’ worth, the bigger the order the better discounted prices so there is a lot of flexibility with this plan. Because Exante is online there is always stock available, one of the downsides to Cambridge I have found and feedback from others have said their consultants do not stock all the products as it is a self-employed business model but you need to consider all the information to make your own decision on which plan to follow.

The Exante Diet has a number of different steps for people that opt for the no food option, low calories all the way up to maintenance plus they have some great recipes to help you meet your weight loss goals and maintain them. Remember though it’s not about losing weight quickly and then going back to old eating habits, as with any diet plan you have to be in it for the long haul and be prepared to make life changes – that is KEY.

If you are a self-motivated individual and can stick to the plan without having a weekly weigh in with a consultant to be accountable to then this plan will definitely get you results and save you money at the same time but the key with any VCLD is DISCIPLINE & COMMITMENT as they are hard diet plans to follow and stick to….I speak from experience…

I personally followed a VCLD for four months earlier in the year where I lost 3 stone and then I switched to Slimming World and have continued my weight loss journey there. The plan taught me portion control and self-control and I am so glad I did that as it’s really helped me in the long run to make good food choices and be careful what I am putting in my mouth. I learned some tough lessons but it was well worth it.

If you are already following the Exante Diet or would like help and support from other Exante Dieters please join our Facebook group here >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/447171092055558/

You can follow my weight loss journey by reading “Karen’s Journey” here >>> and this site is packed with information and recipes and more are being added all the time. Remember the Exante Diet requires commitment and discipline, do that and I guarantee you will love the results.

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