A Guide to Eating Out On Slimming World

chinese-foodI blogged a few days ago that I was panicking a little about going out (for the first time in 5 months) for a Chinese with some friends Friday night and didn’t want to blow my whole week of good work with one meal out.

I have not been out to eat for a very long time and even turned meals down and drink’s out at Christmas to ensure I stayed on track (I was following Cambridge weight plan then which was a very strict regime) but after joining Slimming World 4 weeks ago I have had a couple of frustrating weeks but finally last week I got a good loss and am determined to hit another mini milestone this week of 3 ½ half stone off which will make me 2 ½ stone to target (6 stone loss total at the end)

My wedding dress fitting (a week before we fly out to Cyprus) is now only 17 weeks away with 35 lbs left to lose it is going to be tight but I am still focused and if I aim for 2 lbs loss every week between now and then I can do it just so I have to keep on track and not let one meal out blow my entire week. To me it isn’t worth it.

How Did I Prepare?

At group last week I got some solid advice from everyone which was really helpful and I also asked in some Facebook groups I am in what other people recommend to eat & what things to completely avoid. This is some of the fab advice I received, I was driving so alcohol wasn’t going to be an issue.

  • Read through my book and noted down low Syn Chinese meal options
  • Stay away from the fried starters and the duck course if I could as much as possible
  • Have a flexi Syn day and limit myself the rest of the week to ensure I kept on plan
  • Enjoy it but no too much :-)
  • Stay away from sauces loaded with sugar like sweet & sour
  • Drink water at the table and diet coke/fizzy drinks
  • Take my time and watch everyone else fill up on starters and then moan they are too full when the main comes out :-)
  • Try and limit carbs but have an Extra Easy day and try and get veg into the equation
  • Boiled rice & noodle with vegetables, peppers etc.
  • Chicken, beef

What Did I have? (20.5 Syns)

  • Some fruit before we left so I didn’t feel hungry as we didn’t eat until 9pm
  • 2 x pieces of sesame prawn toast (7 Syns)
  • Boiled rice
  • Noodles and bean sprouts
  • Chicken Satay no sauce (3 Syns – wasn’t 100% sure but counted high enough Syns)
  • Chicken in Black Bean Sauce (5 Syns)
  • Beef & Mushroom (5.5 Syns)
  • Lots of peppers and mushrooms in the beef & chicken dishes
  • I had  2 or 3 king prawns in chilli & garlic which where amazing
    • Not sure of Syn value although I think it is it pretty low looking at SW Online.

What Would I Change?

I think looking back I would ditch the prawn toasts to be honest as the Syn value was quite high, I did prepare to have a couple knowing what the Syn values were but in hindsight probably not worth it but they were lovely.

The duck course was difficult to avoid but I did and was glad I did, duck is deep fried so that would have been awful, it was a bit boring but I nicked most of the cucumber sticks :-)

After the meal we then went and had a few drinks (me on diet coke) it was fun watching other people get drunk but all in all I had a really good night and didn’t feel like I had missed out on anything.


Many restaurants (as this was a set buffet menu I couldn’t ring ahead) will cook what you want if you ring them and order ahead, there is always something on the menu that can fit in with your slimming world plan no matter where you go.

There is nothing you cannot have on Slimming World, just keep a food diary of everything you eat either in your online account of a paper one and be honest with yourself when you fill it in.

Planning what you are going to have and knowing what to avoid will make sure you keep on plan but have a good night out too.

I won’t be scared or worried about dinning out again in the future.

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