Slimming World Classes – Reasons to Stay For Image Therapy After Weigh In

discover slimming world bookSo you have think oh, I’ll go and get weighed and if you have put on you will leave cause you are fed up and don’t want to speak about it or if you have lost you will leave as you really can’t be bothered to stay for image therapy tonight. You may think oh I’ve got to do the ironing, wash up, sort that washing out or there is that really lovely film or programme I don’t want to miss……OH COME ON STOP MAKING EXCUSES! :-)…..

Ok so there will be times where there is a genuine reason why you cannot stay some weeks and no one is going to judge you, that is the beauty of Slimming World Groups, but if it is because you have had a gain, or maintained then you need the group and they need you as some others may have done the same thing and want your help.

Or you may have had a good loss and others will want to share your success and maybe get some hints and tips and recipes from you to help them in their journey. Support is what it is all about.

Image therapy is your chance to speak to other members of the group, make new friends and let them help you and for you to help them. You will never be humiliated; your leader will always have some advice and tips you haven’t thought of.

It is also a place where the latest changes to the plan are announced so you may miss something important. There might be a new healthy extra change to the plan or a new type of food which now has a Syn value or it might be you have an important engagement coming up like a wedding and others will help you prepare for this so you do not go off plan.

If do you go off plan its OK, remember no one is there to judge you, learn to forgive yourself as tomorrow is a new day, you just need to believe in yourself that you can do this as other group members already believe in you.

Image Therapy is all about supporting others as they support you and not just relying on the books and online support to get you through. Others will pick you up if you are feeling a bit low and the stuff you can share in a group is invaluable for you to continue your progress.

Many other members may have been doing this a long time and have lots of information and help to share and target members will be rooting for you to succeed like they have. It is only an hour of your time and it can be the best hour you spend that week, Slimming World are with you every step of the way so don’t waste the opportunity if you don’t have to, if you are feeling low before Image Therapy the chances are you won’t feel low by the time the hour ends, you will have lots of advice and tips to take away and probably has a good giggle too.

I have done Slimming World in the past and the minute I started missing weeks I began to go off track and here I am with 3 stone lost and 3 stone still too lose, I don’t intend on doing that again, I am going to get as much from the group as I can to succeed and give back as much as I can to help others too.

So do you still not want to stay to group????

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