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Slimming World understand that not every can attend a class every week and sometimes that environment is not right for everyone so Slimming World offer the plan Online to those who do not want to slimming world online membershipattend a weekly group, its a great alternative for people with busy lives who also want to lose weight and love using the internet :-)

Slimming World Online comes in 3 separate packages as they recognise that some people still like to have the books and magazines in addition to the online support but some people don’t want the books or extra support – again so many choices available to help and support members if you cannot attend a weekly group.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

You sign up for an initial 3 month period and then pay monthly after or you can sign up for a longer period to save money too. You get unlimited access to all the online tools, Syn calculators, food diaries, progress tracking, success stories, menus, tons of recipes and more…

There is even a photo tour & a video tour of the online services so you can get a good feel for everything before you sign up to ensure its what you want.

You can check then out Slimming World Online here

I think it is good that Slimming World give an online only option but joining a group in my opinion is the best way to follow the plan. I think if you do it at home you have to be very motivated and very disciplined to stick to it and I find that going to group every week makes me focus better, we also have a laugh at group, share ideas and recipes and basically support each other every step of the way. I think weight loss is something that you need constant help and support on as it is so easy to fall off the wagon, I have tried so many times to do it myself but have had the best success when I have attended group meetings every week. It makes you accountable not just to you but to the scales and to everyone in the group and if you have had a bad week the group helps you figure out where you might be going wrong – Slimming World Online is a good option but not for me.

I would to hear from people who follow the online only option and their success’s as it has to work for some people?

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