What are Slimming World Syns? How Many Can I Have?

extra easy plan bookSo basically Slimming World have the three plans below and depending on which plan you follow you will have a list of SYN FREE foods to choose from but there are also foods which are not SYN FREE (basically these are foods which are not part of choices allowed on the 3 basic plans)

  • Extra Easy
  • Original (RED)
  • Green

So Slimming World call these types of food & drink “Syns” – you can have them but they are limited – how are they calculated? :-) – well  those are the secrets were not allowed to know and they are none of our beeswax either :-)

You can have 5-15 Syns a day (take advice from your consultant on how many you should have per day this is just for informational purposes)

Slimming World have a massive database where they have catalogued and of course update when appropriate a Syn value for nearly every piece of food/drink and fast food meal you can think of – this is why Lifeline online and the mobile apps are so important to have access to, in my first week I must have logged on at least 20-30 times :-)

Knowing a Syn value of a piece of food or meal can really make you focus and decide should you really be eating it or not and can also make you decide if the amount of Syns is worth it. You can also save up your Syns and have flexi days or save them up for the weekend if you want, Slimming World is so flexible which makes it so easy to follow. The key thing is to know the Syn value before you eat it :-)

If you can’t find a Syn value for food or drink don’t make it up or just have it anyway, just ask your consultant, there is also the Food Directory which you can buy through your group which is a big thick book of foods/drinks and their Syn values according to the plan you are following so there is a lot of help with this plan, plus supermarkets have a lot of their own brands of food and drink nowadays and yup you can find those Syn values too.
Some people use their Syns for chocolate or sweet things they like or crisps or alcohol etc. I tend to use mine for additions to meals and try not to use my Syns for sweet stuff if I can, but the great thing is you have a limit for the day and so long as you don’t go over your Syn allowance you can use them for whatever you want. This really helps you understand food too.

So what do you use your Syns for??

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  1. Hi I am new to slimming world and it say pork is a free food but does ribs without sauce come under the free food as well

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