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Measuring Your Success By Scales – Its Really Is More Than That

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My Cambridge Consultant send me a fantastic email the other day and really sums up why you shouldn’t always measure your success by the scales. Some people weigh themselves daily which you shouldn’t – I thought that’s a great piece of motivation too so here it is for you all – celebrate being in control […]

The Benefits of Drinking Water & No More Myths

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There are many benefits to drinking water not only when following a diet such as the Cambridge Weight Plan. I was looking around the web for a quality source of information on this as I was getting a little tired of listening to water consumption myths and rubbish that was being bounded around. I also […]

Douwe Egberts Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee – Only 2 Calories Per Tsp – No More Boring Black Coffee

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Yes you CAN have this on the Cambridge Weight Plan and as I am a total coffee holic this was like a breath of fresh air to me. Before I began the plan I was drinking 6-8 coffees a day maybe more with milk and sugar too, not very healthy at all and I was […]

4 Litres Of Water Per Day – Don’t Listen To Everything You Hear

So I was talking with some Cambridge weight plan dieters in the Facebook groups and something everyone seems to struggle with is taking the water every day. Water is the key to success particularly with Cambridge, but also any healthy lifestyle so a lady in the group (Sue Kidd) recommended to check out a you […]