4 Litres Of Water Per Day – Don’t Listen To Everything You Hear

So I was talking with some Cambridge weight plan dieters in the Facebook groups and something everyone seems to struggle with is taking the water every day. Water is the key to success particularly with Cambridge, but also any healthy lifestyle so a lady in the group (Sue Kidd) recommended to check out a you tube channel called Dual Dynamics.

However before you view the video below PLEASE READ THIS and don’t listen to everything you hear other than what CWP are telling you in the book etc.

Looking through some of the videos this guy is an inspiration and motivator and gives some really great tips. This video I thought was very fitting to my own personal journey as I usually drink 2 1/2 litres but have been encouraged by my CDC to up the intake but I am skeptical about this particular video encouraging CWP dieters to drink 4 litres per day instead of what CWP recommend which is 2 1/2 litres per day.

Strangely this video has now been made private sorry folks……


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