Douwe Egberts Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee – Only 2 Calories Per Tsp – No More Boring Black Coffee

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£2.99 (50g jar)

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On February 10, 2013
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The coffees are instant so no need for a cafetiere, around £2.99 for a 50g jar, OK so a little bit more expensive than usual but totally worth it in my opinion. No more boring black coffee.

dowe egberts hazelnut coffeeYes you CAN have this on the Cambridge Weight Plan and as I am a total coffee holic this was like a breath of fresh air to me. Before I began the plan I was drinking 6-8 coffees a day maybe more with milk and sugar too, not very healthy at all and I was drinking zero water too!

When I began the CWP I was on step 3 so I still had my milk in coffee but switched to sweetner instead of sugar which was a fairly easy transition to begin with. I then went down to SS+ and prefer to have a protein meal in the evenings rather than have milk throughout the day in coffee which was OK for a few weeks then I began to get very bored with it and began to crave, of all thing, sweet tea with milk :-) eek not good but i didn’t cave in as much as I would have liked to.

I then discovered this new coffee by Douwe Egberts which not only comes in Roasted Hazelnut flavour but Caramel and Vanilla too. The idea behind them introducing flavoured coffees was to attract younger coffee drinkers. OK so one thing I am not is young but I thought I gonna give the hazelnut one a go and I loved the sound of it and its another new thing to try before I get stagnant and then go and do something silly like having white coffee with sugar again. These coffees have been around for a few months but it was chatting with other dieters I found out about them, word of mouth is a powerful thing in today’s social media/digital age.

The coffees are instant so there is no need for a cafetiere, they are around £2.99 for a 50g jar (Sainsburys), OK so a little bit more expensive than usual but totally worth it in my opinion. The Hazelnut one which I bought yesterday has an amazing aroma and smells fantastic, it really does taste and smell like hazelnuts and has totally cured my issues, no more boring black coffee.

An amazing introduction without the calories of a Starbucks flavoured latte coffee too. I totally you recommend you check them out if you are a coffee holic like me and once the Hazelnut has gone I’m certainly going to try the other 2 flavours.

Douwe Egberts not only have you introduced something to diversify your product range and your audience of coffee drinkers but given other coffee lovers other options which are low calorie and taste amazing.

Buy in bulk from Amazon below as people dont seem to be able to get hold of these very easily

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