The Benefits of Drinking Water & No More Myths

There are many benefits to drinking water not only when following a diet such as the Cambridge Weight Plan. I was looking around the web for a quality source of information on this as I was getting a little tired of listening to water consumption myths and rubbish that was being bounded around. I also take back some of the things I thought were true :-) Liz Hancock :-)

I found this really great infographic made by Water Coolers Direct citing some very authorative sources such as the NHS Direct, The BBC, and other sites I trust and know on the benefits of drinking water and found it was the best source of information on this subject.

Infographics make things so much clearer to read when trying to digest a lot of information and I hope you enjoy reading this one which hopefully gives a lot of factual information on the benefits of drinking water and other information which is myth only, really helps clarify everything.

Benefits of Drinking Water - Free InfoGraphicInfoGraphic authored by WaterCoolers Ltd, selling Fountains and Filters in the UK.

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