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Week 15 – 2.5Lbs Lost – Slimming World Food Diary – Extra Easy Plan

Alprazolam Purchase Online

Plan Followed – Extra Easy Thursday 4th July – Total Syns 0 Breakfast 2 weetabix (HEB) 350ml skimmed milk (HEA) Banana Frozen berries Lunch & Dinner – late Diet coke chicken (with onions, peppers & carrots) Brown rice Friday 5th July – Total Syns 2 Breakfast 2 weetabix (HEB) 350ml skimmed milk (HEA) Banana strawberries  […]

Week 14 – Maintained – Slimming World Food Diary – Extra Easy Plan

Buy Cheapest Xanax Online

Plan Followed – Extra Easy Thursday 27th June – Total Syns 8 Breakfast 2 weetabix (HEB) 350ml skimmed milk (HEA) Banana strawberries Lunch chicken wrapped in bacon medallions carrot & swede Dinner 2 cheese slice (8 Syns) Savoury rice salad Friday 28th June – Total Syns 3.5 Breakfast 2 weetabix (HEB) 350ml skimmed milk (HEA) […]

Week 13 – ½ Gain – Slimming World Food Diary – Extra Easy Plan

Buy Cheap Xanax Online Uk

Although I gained this week by ½ lbs which is annoying, one of the things I love about Slimming World and food optimising is finding what works and what doesn’t and refining each week to try and get those losses I want, next week I will  cut down syns again and see what happens. Plan […]

Week 12 – 2.5 Lbs Lost – Slimming World Food Diary – Extra Easy Plan

Xanax Generic Online

Another fantastic loss this week, finally things seem to be moving on the right track and I have also introduced some exercise as I played squash on the Monday so that may have helped this week.. Plan Followed – Extra Easy         Thursday 13th June – Total Syns 2.5       […]

Week 11 – 2 Lbs Lost – Slimming World Food Diary – Extra Easy Plan

Buy Liquid Xanax Online

This week was a really good week I so needed the 2 lbs loss to get me back on the right track again, mind wise,  after a couple of reasonable weeks where I had been disappointed. I did cut down on my new potatoes intake and I also swapped around some foods and generally cut […]

Week 10 – Slimming World Food Diary – Extra Easy Plan

Buy Xanax Nyc

This week has been a good week so far as I can see food wise not too many Syns, good choices so to gain ½ was really annoying, the body just does not make sense to me sometimes, but I am wondering if I am eating too many new potatoes as let’s face it you […]

Week 9 – No Weigh In – Slimming World Food Diary – Extra Easy Plan

Prescription Drugs Online Xanax

This week was a bit of a challenge as I knew I would have to miss weigh in this week so I was already worried about the week ahead. I had a Wedding Reception on Saturday night, I then was away for 2 days on business in Scotland and was taken out for an Indian […]

Week 8 – 2 Lbs Lost –- Slimming World Food Diary – Extra Easy Plan

Sandoz Xanax Online

So last week my group convinced me to switch to the Extra Easy Plan rather than continue to follow the original plan to shake things up a bit and give my body a change as the last few weeks on original has given me fairly poor losses so I was ready to try something different. […]

Week 7 – Maintained – Slimming World Food Diary – Original Plan

Where To Buy Xanax 2Mg

Disappointed this week as I maintained, I have only lost 5.5 lbs. in 6 weigh ins so far so having spoken to our lovely slimming world group and talked options over with everyone original isn’t working for me for some reason so I am going to try extra easy plan for a while and see […]