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Week 2 After Restart Last Week – A Disappointing Half Pound Loss But Its A Loss

Alprazolam Purchase Online

Well last week’s weight in was a bit disappointing I only last half a pound and was quite surprised as I got back into my routine big style after my 40th birthday week. I also tried a few new recipes such as chicken noodle & bacon soup, the magic pancakes everyone raves about and also […]

Balls I Maintained Weight But It Was My 40th Birthday – Harry Potter Studios |Was Amazing

Xanax Australia Buy Online

So this week was my first week back at Slimming World for a few weeks. I rejoined as I wanted a clean slate I have lost nearly 4 stone last year and want to lose a further 3 stone by May to get to target weight. Plus I wanted my online access to I could […]

2013 Acheivements Nearly 4 Stone Lost – 2014 Will Be Target Year

Xanax Cheap Overnight

So I haven’t blogged for a month or so about my personal weight loss journey mainly due to the fact that after the wedding I got a bit lazy and I still haven’t shed the 10 lbs I gained during that time. I also stopped going to Slimming World which was silly (I thought I […]

SuperDry Still Selling Angora Products Online, In-Store & Partner Sites – Join The Ban SuperDry & Do The Right Thing!

Alprazolam Mexico Online

Having lost loads of weight my favourite brand of clothing is now Superdry and in the last couple of months I have filled my wardrobe at great expense with new t-shirts, jeans, boots, jumpers and cardigans. As the cold weather comes along, all my clothes were mostly summer clothes so I had to buy some […]

A New Style VCLD Diet Facebook Group – Everyone Is Welcome

Xanax Bars Online

With Christmas just around the corner many people will be thinking about starting or re-starting a VCLD such as Cambridge Diet or Exante Diet in the New Year to shed those unwanted pounds. My choice is Slimming World now but Ive been running this website for nearly a year now and am being constantly asked […]

Week 41 – 3 LBS Off – Back On Track Finally

Discount Alprazolam Online

I have to admit having a month off track for the wedding and the 10 lbs gain as a result it has been a long hard slog of emotions these last 4 weeks but I finally refocused properly and was really chuffed with a 3lbs loss this week.  All I needed was to see that […]

Week 40 – Refocused BigTime After Honeymoon – 11 Week Xmas Countdown

Order Alprazolam Pills

OK so I admit it has taken me two or three weeks since I returned from our fabulous wedding and honeymoon in Cyprus to get back on track with Slimming World again. This proves anyone can lose focus even the most focused people can have a lapse, but the important thing is to admit you […]

Week 39 Post Wedding – New Weight loss Goals

Cheap Xanax Necklace

Now the wedding is sadly over, although it will never be over for me memory wise :-), I did gain 10lbs over the last 4 weeks of wedding celebrations and need some new goals now to lose what I have gained and get to my target weight as quickly as I can. The week or […]

I Had The Most Amazing Wedding – Photo Time

Where To Buy Xanax 2Mg

Well the last 4 weeks feel like a total whirl wind, we have had the most amazing 4 weeks of our lives so this post might be a long one and since I haven’t blogged since before the hen do there is a lot to write about, of course some of which will be edited […]