2013 Acheivements Nearly 4 Stone Lost – 2014 Will Be Target Year

weightloss so farSo I haven’t blogged for a month or so about my personal weight loss journey mainly due to the fact that after the wedding I got a bit lazy and I still haven’t shed the 10 lbs I gained during that time.

I also stopped going to Slimming World which was silly (I thought I could do it alone) and gained a few pounds over Christmas but Ive still lost nearly 4 stones so I am still very happy but really need to refocus myself now again and get to that target weight.

The next picture to go with the ones on the left will be my target weight picture!

I have decided that I would like to lose a bit more than my original target and with the bit Ive gained I am going for a further 3 stones loss (42 Lbs) – this will put me where I really want to be and I am 100% confident I can do this and reach my target is May 2014 – I would like to achieve it sooner than that but it isn’t speed that’s important there is no quick fix as we know well and no one can make you lose weight you have to want it 100% and be committed and do it for you!!!!!!!!!!

it is a small amount considering where I was a year ago and already I am enjoying wearing nice clothes, feeling loads more confident, I feel loads more comfortable, I like clothes shopping now, I feel so much better in myself and no longer miserable moaning about my weight and doing nothing to change it.

So onwards and upwards, I achieved a lot in 2013 but 2014 is going to be target weight year so next Wednesday I am rejoining my old Slimming World group and am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and being part of it all again………….this week I am just detoxing as much as I can from the Christmas bloat and using some Exante Diet products to help me manage things until I rejoin group on Wednesday and get back into the swing of it properly. I did suffer a few side effects on cambridge diet last year so i’m hoping i don’t have the same issue but i’m not following it for long enough probably so hopefully I will avoid it.

I remember writing a motivational list last year when I began my weight loss journey of the things I wanted to achieve and I refer to it a lot to keep me motivated and remind myself why this is so important to me. Here is my update on that same list :-)……………….I have ticked off quite a few of these now and looking through makes me realise how much I have achieved – so bring on 2014 target weight here I come!

  1. I am getting married in September this year and want to look amazing and feel amazing ***DONE :-)
  2. I want to break a 20 year cycle for good – to enjoy healthy eating and stop the binge eating cycle *** NOT QUITE THERE BUT MADE LOADS OF PROGRESS :-)
  3. I want to wear nice clothes and be able to go into any shop and buy anything I want, no more + sizes for me ****DONE :-)
  4. Regain some self-confidence ****DONE :-)
  5. I want to be able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath ***DONE :-)
  6. Be healthy and fit when we decide to start a family so I can set a good example ***GETTING THERE :-)
  7. To inspire others and friends I know who struggle with weight that if I can do it anyone can ***THINK IVE DONE THIS :-)
  8. To look good in a bikini on my holidays and my honeymoon in September *** DONE BUT CAN DO BETTER :-)
  9. To feel comfortable in general ***DONE :-)
  10. Extend my life expectancy ***PROBABLY BUT HAVEN’T CHECKED PROPERLY
  11. Lower any risk of health issues, I haven’t had any health issues because of my weight and will make sure I never do ***SURE THIS IS MUCH BETTER THAN IT WAS
  12. Make my friends, family and most of all my partner proud of what I have achieved ***STILL DOING THIS :-)
  13. Less lethargic and more motivated to get off my butt and do things instead of being a couch potato, although I have always loved TV  *** STILL LOVE TV
  14. To be able to buy nice matching underwear **** WAIT TILL TARGET
  15. To be fab at 40 (2014) instead of fat at 40 **** NEARLY DONE 40 VERY SOON :-/
  16. Enjoy life to the full, you only get 1 shot, make the most of it ***I AM MORE AWARE
  17. Feel lighter and less pressure on my joints – i’m already feeling the benefit of this being 32 1/4 lbs down  ****DONE
  18. To have a happy relationship with food and to be in control **** NOT THERE YET
  19. Portion control – big is not best  *** MUCH BETTER THAN IT WAS
  20. To not be the fattest person in my circle of friends ****GETTING THERE MOST OF MY FRIENDS ARE SKINNY @WATS :-)
  21. To be more active overall *** NOT DONE YET
  23. To be able to go on a plane and not use an extender seat belt – I can do this now  **** DONE :-)
  24. NEW**** TO BE AT TARGET BY MAY 2014………………………………
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