A New Style VCLD Diet Facebook Group – Everyone Is Welcome

facebook group joinWith Christmas just around the corner many people will be thinking about starting or re-starting a VCLD such as Cambridge Diet or Exante Diet in the New Year to shed those unwanted pounds. My choice is Slimming World now but Ive been running this website for nearly a year now and am being constantly asked about setting up a Facebook group for people on the Low calories plans. I myself lost a ton of weight on a VCLD so I do not agree with those comments of “you will put it back on when you start eating again”…followed correctly I continued to loose weight after I came off Cambridge and have still………if you agree click here to join the group – all VCLD dieters are welcome…

Most of us need every bit of encouragement and help that we can get and it doesn’t matter how many Facebook diet groups you participate in each one has its own value. I for one am tired of people arguing about different VCLD diet plans and think that regardless of the VCLD diet you are following everyone can help each other, lets face it Cambridge, Exante, Lighter Life are all pretty much the same, Exante is a lot cheaper but each plan has its own unique offering.

So if you are happy to be involved in a Facebook group where everyone helps each other regardless of the plan, bags of motivation from other members to keep you on track, discuss you worries and fears in a private environment and much more regardless of the name of the VCLD diet click here to join our group.

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