Balls I Maintained Weight But It Was My 40th Birthday – Harry Potter Studios |Was Amazing

karens 40th birthday cakeSo this week was my first week back at Slimming World for a few weeks. I rejoined as I wanted a clean slate I have lost nearly 4 stone last year and want to lose a further 3 stone by May to get to target weight. Plus I wanted my online access to I could follow the plan properly again and track my progress and use the recipes etc.

I knew this week would be difficult as it was my 40th birthday and I had no idea what was planned but knew at some point it would involve, cake, alcohol and food so I was prepared to maintain my weight but not gain.

Some people would probably say why rejoin your birthday week but I don’t think putting things off is a good idea, I am back on track and needed the support of my group to keep me going and keep me motivated, I want to get to target weight soon as I can and just putting things off are just excuses which prior to last year I had made all the time. Only I can do this for me no one else can. Last year I had amazing weight loss success, got married it was a bumper year and I want to continue the trend this year and get to target weight which is my ultimate goal. It was lovely going back to group and seeing everyone again, we always have a laugh and I always feel motivated when I go so I am glad I’m back on track all the way to target.

warner brothers studios making of harry potterSo I was looking forward to my birthday and did wonder what was planned although my other half was giving nothing away. On my actual birthday I got a huge surprise when I was handed my final present to open which was tickets to visit Warner Bros Studios The Making of Harry Potter :-) :-)

I was overwhelmed, I am a huge Harry Potter fan, have seen the films tons of times and just love them and I was quite emotional as it was such a fantastic surprise. I did wonder why I had been dragged out of bed so early :-) if I had just got that for my birthday I would have been satisfied I knew we would have a fantastic day.

Apparently you cannot just turn up and go in you have to buy tickets in advance which are £30 for adults and you are given a time slot to turn up to go in. I guess they do this for crowd control which I think is it very good idea. Even though the kids had gone back to school it was quite busy but not overly busy. When you enter the front of the studios there are hand prints from the 3 main cast members, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint which is pretty cool, you can see I am a Harry Potter Geek already :-) you then go through and there are huge portraits of the cast members in costumes and the flying car is hanging from the ceiling from Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets (no2) .As you queue there is the cupboard under the stairs set and you can take photos (I got loads of photos far too many to post on here) then you enter a cinema type area where you have a 10 minute introduction and welcome to the studios.

harry potter studios warner brosThe great hall is very cool, real props from the films, costumes the actors wore, the detail is just amazing and you begin to realise how much work those films took to make, apparently there were 000’s of people working on the films and I don’t disbelieve it. I think they are the best films ever made and never get bored of watching them. I remember when they first came out we took my other half’s little brothers with us and it became a tradition every time a new Potter film came out. Sorry I digressed a bit ……You then move into the studios where you see more costumes, props, make up, sets such as the Gryffindor common room, boys bedrooms, the potions class, the leaky cauldron, Hogwarts gates and the huge clock which actually sways from side to side, Dumbledors office (look out for the Sword of Gryffindor and the sorting hat and so many other items from the film) green screens where you can get on a broom and have your photos taken and fly through the streets of london, all the horcrux’s, the chess pieces (life size ones too) death eater masks and costumes, the centre of the ministry of magic, Diagon alley, Hagrids hut, chamber of secrets entrance, the knight bus (is real) and Voldermorts fathers grave in HP4 is life size and pretty cool. You can even try butter beer (I thought it tasted like a coke float rather nice) Privet drive is a real life size house.You then see creatures like Dobby, Warewolves, the Mer people, little book of monsters and the mandrakes which move and scream, Buckbeak, The Basilisk, life size fauwkes I could go on and on. I had a fantastic day and will certainly go back as I am sure there must be stuff I missed :-) anyone who is a Harry Potter mad fan like me will love it.

40th birthday celebrationsOn the Saturday I was lied too lol :-) and thought we were we going out with a couple of friends for a Chinese meal. It turned out being a fantastic surprise party with family and friends which was lovely. I had no idea and I think my other half struggled to keep it a secret too with having to make the arrangements. It really was a perfect couple of days, I had a super time and will certainly remember by 40th birthday for sure. My other half is a superstar and did a fab job and put so much effort into every little detail, I feel very lucky….anyway enough gush lol :-)

SO all in all a fantastic week, I maintained and I had the best birthday ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now the festivities are well and truly over it’s back to business on the slimming front, 100% on track and going for a good loss this week, I know I can do this and in May I hope to be at target, I can do this and I will…………………

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