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I am 3 1/2 stone down (last picture on the right hand side) since I began my weight loss journey 24 weeks ago (picture on the far left) and I am feeling pretty proud of myself that I have finally broken a really bad cycle on binge eating which led me to where I was in the first place. My mind set has totally changed about food and I cannot believe what I used to get up to really.Over the next 17 weeks in the run up to my wedding I am aiming for another 35lbs loss which will take me to my target of 6 stones total loss, I think for me it has taken a major event in my life to give me a big kick up the backside and do something about my weight once and for all and like many people I am finally doing it :-) I am just thankful the major event wasn’t a heart attack or worse!

Order Xanax OvernightI feel pretty disgusted with myself to be honest when I look back but I think it is important to be honest about things so I can read back on this and realise what I was like, feel the same amount of disgust to ensure I never go back and healthy eating will now always be part of my life now.

Someone in a Facebook group I am in recently asked people about their binge eating before they began Slimming World which inspired me to do this post as it isn’t something I have really spoken about before………….lots of people will relate to this I am sure and this is a reminder of how bad binge eating was for me and the sheer volume of food and @rap I ate makes me feel sick now. The picture above reminds me of what I have achieved and this website has and will keep me focused on my final target, my body has taken enough abuse over the years so here are some of the my worst binge eating moments for you to be disgusted at, cry, giggle, comment and respond with your own binge eating secrets……….facing up to it is hard but necessary……….

Binge Eating – Confession Time

Xanax Online Uk Forum

  • Eating an entire pack of 5 Morrison s jam doughnuts one after the other.
  • Eating a 200g family size bar of Cadburys Chocoloate in less than 10 minutes and then still feeling like I needed more and eating a large bag of Peanut M&Ms too.
  • On a Sunday popping to Mcdonalds to get a Mcflurry & an apple pie for my other half, on the way home eating large fries & a double cheeseburger then then hiding the paper under the car seat…my other half knew all the time I was doing it :-)

Alprazolam Purchase Online

  • Eating an entire GU Pecan Nut Chocolate Brownie all to myself in one go with cream (it is supposed to be for 8 people to share)
  • Eating an entire pack of 12  Sainsbury’s fresh profiteroles (I never shared anything)
  • Eating an entire pack of 5 Sainsbury’s Rolo large cookies and then a packet of crisps and a mars bar duo as well
  • Buying 3 mars bars at the shop, eating one on the way back and then saying to my other half when i got back “oh I bought us both a chocolate bar” (I had already eaten one)

Xanax Sales Online

  • Going to get a few bits from Sainsbury’s (on my own) then eating 2 cream cakes in the car before going home (we lived round the corner – Sainsbury’s was deadly for me then) – good job my other half never saw half the receipts what I had bought – then again they probably did anyway – I tried to hide my binging all the time
  • 6 rounds of toast with butter and baked beans (I had already eaten two while I was hiding away in the kitchen so I had 4 on my plate which my other half saw)
  • Popping to the local shop and stuffing a mars bar duo down before the car got to the front of the house so I wouldn’t be seen eating
  • Having a silly child strop if I went to get a cake in the supermarket and my other half, very nicely I may add and has always been supportive, tried to sway me away from buying one.
  • Buying a full fat milk large latte for me and a hot chocolate for the other half from Costa coffee and then piling about 6-7 sachets of sugar in it (I tried to hide this but I am sure it didn’t go unnoticed)
  • Eating an entire 12 inch deep pan stuff crust pizza from pizza hut (delivered) and then 4 slices of garlic bread plus chips too
  • When going to my mums for tea hiding in the pantry, slowly opening the fridge so it wouldn’t make a noise and eating a load of chocolate from the stash they always have in there and biscuits too :-)
  • Half a bread baguette with a whole pack of bacon in it and brie cheese (I would eat the lot and moan I was so full – really??? I wonder why!!!)
  • My other half would leave some chocolate in the fridge to maybe have another time, it didn’t get a chance to get cool, if I spotted it, in my mouth it went, then I lied and said I had never eaten it – very naughty!!!!

I could go on a lot more than the list above and that is really bad but I think from this you get the idea, totally out of control binge eating and this is what I can remember so there is probably loads more to tell if I could remember.

There is a pattern here – portion size “size of food” and all fatty @rap, loads of chocolate and sugary stuff – I was obsessed with how big food was/looked and always went for duo bars, large bags of crisps, basically I was not satisfied with a normal serving of anything.

I am not sure if there was something medically wrong with me, in my mind now looking back I was just PLAIN GREEDY. I wrote another post a while back on Best Online Xanax Reviews which is quite an interesting read and worth having a look at too, I can honestly say this WAS me, I will nenver go back to that.

I would love to hear about your binge eating/worst moments but It is a pretty brave thing to do to put yourself out there like this, is anyone is brave enough to comment below ??????

Cheap Alprazolam Pills, Viagra Xanax Online

Currently following Slimming World this blog is about my personal diet journey for long term changes and so i can look fabulous on my wedding day. You will find reviews of diet products, lots of tasty recipes and diet tips to help and inspire others on their diet journeys.

9 Responses so far.

  1. I’ve done most of that, eating a pack of cream cakes in a supermarket car park. Eating entire cakes and pizzas, quite regularly. Having 3 egg muffins and 4 hash browns from McDonald’s for breakfast and eating more crap within a few hours. I’ve also had entire packets of Brie in a baguette. Hideous really!

  2. angela says:


    I could have written this. Only yesterday I bought a 6 pack of Snickers ice creams and a 6 pack of Mars ice creams. I offered my OH a Snickers which he ate and I have eaten ALL the others and gone out, replaced the packs and eaten one of each so he won’t know.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve finished off something and blamed someone else, and even the dog for eating it.

    I go out in the morning and eat lunch and if I’m back around lunch time I will eat a second one.

    However, this is my last day of doing this as I am starting the SW plan tomorrow and I will follow your example. You have done so well. Keep up the good work

  3. mandy says:

    What a great read Karen, I’m sure most of us can relate to this at some point.
    I got into a bad habit of eating about 5 packets of crisps one after the other and the kids choc bars, then burning the wrappers on our log burner so my other half would never know!
    I knew it was wrong but I thought what he doesn’t know won’t hurt!!
    Also my downfall is cooking way too much, then eating every ones leftovers.

  4. Frankie says:

    I lived alone for years. I used to drive home from work. Stop at a burger/pizza takeaway. Have double cheese burger and fries and garlic bread. and milk shakes. Then stop off at sweet shop and get 1/2lb sweet peanuts, 1/2lb strawberry bonbons. Take them home, stuff the hot food down my throat. Hide the sweets (from who I still dont know!) Then when I went to bed. I would hide under the duvet and secret eat all the sweets. I didnt want anyone to catch me. I LIVED ALONE!!! Mental I know. i did this once a week for aprox 5 years.
    Now to Pringles- I used to get them whilst doing the weekly shop. 2 tubes. 1 for me to eat on the way home (smuggled them in if I didnt finish them, to finish later in bed) The other tube, I used to share between me and my partner. He got 1/3, I got 2/3.
    Dairy Milk chocolate. 500g bar would be scoffed within 20 mins. I used to sit in front of my partner and eat it all and refuse to share. If he said anything, a row would be started by me and I would blame him for picking on me.

    I broke my jaw when I was 21 and over 9 months had to have it reset a couple of times. My jaws were wired the whole time. I did loose some weight but then I discovered how to liquidize food, especially mars bars,snickers bars etc.
    I now control my binges 95% of the time. I fall off the wagon every nown and then due to what life throws at me. 5% of the time. i have a bit of a binge, but the scale is a lot less. I dont eat burgers, fries,garlic bread anymore but, the occassional bag of sweets sneaks in and I enjoy them more, they are now a want not a need.
    Phew, that feelsa better.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks you for being brave and commenting its nice to know there are others out there who have struggled like i have and are brave enough to face up to it its a goof feeling controlling food rather than the other way around

  5. Karen says:

    :( :( all of these posts could of quite easily been written by me! I eat soo much ‘junk’ hardly eat proper meals, I constantly binge binge binge in secret everyone thinks I don’t eat enough! X

  6. Lucy says:

    15 weeks ago I could quite easily without even caring have eaten…
    Kebab meat (large) and chips with loads of garlic mayonnaise
    large Domino’s pizza with extra cheese and six dips
    Fish, chips, peas, curry sauce, scraps and large battered sausage or 2 eaten in the car so other half didn’t see
    If upset… Double-decker duo, 4 bags of jelly tots, large bag of Maltesers, a bar of fudge, a 2 L bottle full fat Coke and a pick n mix. Crazy right?
    1/2 crispy duck to myself and chow mein, chips and prawn crackers
    All I wanted was the full feeling it felt satisfying the food tasted nice not as nice as it should have tasted, and it stupidly made me feel better, but being fat made me feel worse and made me do all over again. 1st 12lb down. Don’t get me wrong Karen, there are still days when I feel like I could do this but I haven’t buckled and I’m crazy proud of myself.

  7. Wendy says:

    My binging is slightly different its not food its gin and tonic! Been doing SW for 10 weeks and lost 19lbs – but last 2 weeks I have put on 1 1/2lbs, eating all the right food on EE but coming home at night after work and pouring out 2 large G & Ts which is well over my 15 sins… I am so annoyed with myself and every morning I say I am not drinking in the week anymore and will save up my sins for Friday and Saturday so I can have a drink then, but it gets to 5 oclock and I start thinking of having a drink… so angry and disapointed in myself, does anyone have the same struggle, any advice please….. once again today I have told myself no drinking today, plenty of water and just stop being so pathetic and get over it…. hope my willpower comes back, I really feel like crap!

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