Dreaded 1st Weigh In of 2013

I am back on the Cambridge Diet 100% today, first day back at work and into a proper routine but saying I am kind of dreading my 1st weight in after the New Year festivities is an understatement. I maintained my weight after my Christmas weigh in and was pleased with that as I didn’t over do it and was quite careful but things seemed to go from bad to worse over the last week with all the nibbles and naughty food still lining the cupboards and my will power was totally shot.

That is not to mention the alcohol I drank New Years Eve and the huge roast dinner I had New years Day and various other naughty stuff so I am really hoping I haven’t done too much damage when I get weighed tomorrow evening. I have given my partner strict instructions (since they do not return to work until tomorrow) to remove any left over chocolates, crisps, nuts basically anything from the Christmas cupboard and either eat i t:-) or throw it away so they are not there by the time I get home tonight :-) Too much temptation over the last week or so has caused me to lose control a bit which is never good but I am getting back on track straight away rather than making any excuses, what is done is done.

If i have gained a few lbs then it isn’t the end of the world and I am sure there are plenty of Cambridge dieters out there that have done exactly the same as I have but the most important thing is that I am back 100% on plan and there are no more distractions for my weight loss. My wedding is still 100% my incentive for losing the weight (which is only 9 months away) and everyone is allowed a blip especially at Christmas time.

I am not going to beat myself up about it, there is no point!!!! focus on the positive of 19lbs loss in 6 weeks, although that may change slightly come tomorrow night :-)


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