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Order Xanax OvernightWell the last 4 weeks feel like a total whirl wind, we have had the most amazing 4 weeks of our lives so this post might be a long one :-) and since I haven’t blogged since before the hen do there is a lot to write about, of course some of which will be edited :-) and some photos to show you the dress I have been banging on about for months :-)

If you want to see wedding photos now :-) see the video below (must view on desktop or laptop) which is an amazing slide show of our wedding photos together with our wedding music – makes me cry every time I watch it. It was put together by my amazing father in law who is a professional wedding photographer who put it together as a surprise for us both.


The Hen Do – 23rd Aug – 25th Aug

So our Hen Do was an entire weekend of drinking, having loads of laughs and lots of amazing surprises from our two amazing friends who organized it all for us.  We spend a weekend in Manchester basically being terrorized :-) by the group of close friends who came with us, making us drink shots, making us wear funny military outfits and our t-shirts had a cartoon like picture of us on it which was quite funny. Friday evening began quite conservatively ……….but it didn’t stay that way very long as you can imagine :-)

Wedding & Honeymoon – Cyprus Paphos  1st Sept – 15th September

We got married on Friday 6th September so we had a few days to meet with the wedding co-ordinator and get everything organised before-hand so we could then enjoy the first few days in the sun being careful not to burn and not look like lobsters on our big day. We had already got a bit of a pre-tan from being in the garden a few weekends before we flew out so I was sure I wouldn’t burn but you can’t be too careful :-)

Xanax Online Uk ForumWe stayed at the amazing Alprazolam Purchase Online , when we arrived we were treated like queens, champagne arrival, we had been upgraded to a one bedroom suite which was amazing, the suite manager welcomed us personally and ensured our baggage was taken up to our room including special care of our dresses which were hung up (still a secret from one another) went through all the hotel information and ensured we were comfortable. What an amazing start…..


The Run Up To Friday

We met our wedding co-ordinator on the first day after we arrived, Jayne Davies who manages over 250 weddings a year across the Constantinou Group of hotels in Paphos and is an incredible person. Virtually she took care of all the arrangements for the wedding so we had literally no stress at all and I thought I was a very organized person :-) Managing over 250 weddings a year she is pretty experienced and we had been communicating with her for over a year and had met her at the NEC Wedding Show earlier in the year and knew we were in good hands. We must have seen over a dozen weddings in our hotel alone during those 2 weeks. I cannot recommend her highly enough! And have no idea how she copes with organising so many weddings.

We then had friends arriving and family arriving later in the week which was lovely and everyone got together for a meal out on the Thursday night so everyone could meet each other before the wedding, it was weird but lovely that we had said goodbye to our parents a few days before in the UK and now eating a meal with everyone in a different county, it all felt very surreal and very exciting too knowing we were getting married the very next day.

The Wedding

Before we went to breakfast obviously our best women has been up for a while already as they had pushed loads of confetti through the bottom of the door and a card…reality began to sink in as we met everyone for breakfast and began chatting about the wedding  and how excited we all were. Steph’s dad gave her a gorgeous necklace on the morning before the wedding as a gift, made her cry too, which went perfectly with her dress.

Xanax Sales OnlineEventually nerves began to disappear and excitement just took over. We had spent from 11.30 am in our separate rooms with our mums (who were giving us away) just talking and having a laugh and getting our hair and make-up done whilst our best women ran around like lunatics bringing Pimms & lemonade and Cocktails to us in our rooms bless them they were stars all day. It would be rude not to have a few drinks beforehand :-)

Jayne the wedding coordinator had come up to my room to get the rings about 20 minutes before hand and my poor mum was having a bit of a time trying to get my dress (which was a corset style) tight enough so Jayne stepped in and helped thank goodness, what is a wedding without at least 1 dress malfunction :-)


Best Online Xanax ReviewsWe got married at 4pm, under a gazebo right in front of the sea, what a spectacular setting, the weather was perfect, the settings where perfect, there were lots of tears as we both made our way down the aisle with our mums separately, I think it was the music we picked which set everyone off as it did me put I pulled myself together..….otherwise my make-up would be ruined before we even started. The service was beautiful, we had selected the wordings beforehand but thank goodness you have a someone reading them out bit by bit so you can repeat…at one point my mind went totally blank and I nearly forgot the last line I had to say. The service was probably about 30 minutes with pictures being taken most of which we didn’t know about which is why our slide slow we think has the most amazing natural wedding photos, not many at all were posed although we did want some specific shots taken too. My father in law worked so hard to make sure we got some amazing memories in pictures, a brilliant photographer and worked so well with DVD man too.

After the group shots we had some more photos together before we joined our guests on the terrace for a cocktail reception, I was so thirsty by that point I sunk 2 cocktails in probably a couple of minutes :-) it was strange but nice to be the centre of attention for one day to have everyone’s eyes on us, it just felt amazing and everything we had hoped for in nearly two years of planning.

We then left our guests for a while to have more photos at sunset and then returned to cut our cake, more photos and then our coordinator led our guests off to dinner and came back to collect us and have a chat with us, make sure everything was ok and what name we should be introduced as etc.

I had asked my uncle to speak on behalf of my dad as he is quite unwell now and my father-in-law had Steph in tears as he spoke, they have an amazing father daughter relationship and he had given her a lovely necklace on the morning of the wedding which she wore and went perfectly with her dress, the necklace did look stunning. I think he found it very hard to focus on taking the photographs most of the day bless him.

Xanax Prices OnlineOur two best women were b@ggers and as usual had something up their sleeve for the speech they were doing, it was a judge and jury themed speech, they came out wearing a judge’s wig and robes and the guest were the jury. It was very original and hilarious although we did get guilty verdicts on all 4 crimes which included Fashion and Vanity (whatever girls we will be getting them back at some point for it) :-) truly was the highlight of the evening and so funny.

The day was just PERFECT IN EVERY WAY and I think it overwhelmed us both. It was amazing to have our close friends and family with us to share our special day I wouldn’t change a thing.

The 2nd week was just enjoying the sun, meeting and chatting to new people and other couples who had also got married as you do, talking endlessly about the wedding and how much everyone enjoyed it and couldn’t wait for the party when we got home to the UK as well.

We had most of the 2nd week to ourselves which was lovely and spent some quality time together while still getting together will all the family for a meal before they all flew home as most people came out for 7-10 days, we went for 14.

Home Reception Party

Buy Cheapest Xanax OnlineWe got home around 9pm on the Sunday night after a ok flight – I really must invest in a IPAD for next time- we had a friend looking after the house and our cats for us and I did wonder why the bedroom door was shut J loads of confetti, balloons, pictures, champagne…it was a lovely surprise someone has been very busy J another testament to what amazing friends we have too. Then there is the usual unpacking and washing scenario and Sky + catch up during the week and planning our reception party. The most stress bit of the entire wedding was finding white candles for our centre pieces :-) We brought some sand back from Cyprus and shells and knew what we wanted the centre pieces to look like – we wanted to bring Cyprus back home in a non-tacky way.

It was lovely to see old friends, some of which I hadn’t seen in a very long time and family and work colleagues too having a good time and our special occasion.

We have had an amazing 4 weeks of pre wedding and post celebrations I think it is going to be a big come down when we go back to work but trying not to think about it like that :-)

We have some many amazing photos and a DVD and the slide show, lots of memories we will treasure forever, for anyone else getting married enjoy every second as it goes by in a flash and is totally the best day of your life I promise you :-) we will remember it forever and all that planning, saving like mad and having no spare cash for nearly 2 years was worth every penny.

So I am back to Slimming World on Wednesday to get back on it, find out how much I have put on, lose that quickly and get to my goal weight by Christmas……:-)

Alprazolam Buy Online, Cheap Xanax Overnight

Currently following Slimming World this blog is about my personal diet journey for long term changes and so i can look fabulous on my wedding day. You will find reviews of diet products, lots of tasty recipes and diet tips to help and inspire others on their diet journeys.

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