Mothers Day Family Feast – Did I Survive Endless Temptation?….

mothers day feast I survivedSo yesterday was mothers day and since we have moved to a bigger house its fab to be able to invite family round for dinner and have plenty of room for everyone to sit down :-)

I usually take my mother out for dinner but since I am a tight @it at the moment because I am saving for my wedding I thought I would cook a nice Sunday roast for my mum and dad and do a buffet type tea for when my mother in law and sister came round later.

I had planned for this the day before as I knew that I would have to pass on the roast dinner and all the nibbles later and I knew this was going to be very tough as there would be a lot of temptation mainly because of the cheesecake and gateaux and cakes and bits which had been sitting in my cupboard for 24 hours.

The image on the left was a snapshot of what I had to put up with :-) sandwiches, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, crisps, prawns in sauce, pork pies, cakes, chicken bits (with batter) and loads more and to top it off I, together my my other half, prepared it all too so I had naughty but nice food in my face all day long :-(

The roast dinner was fairly easy to ignore, although I love Sunday dinner I sat mucking about on my blog on the sofa with my back to them all :-) whilst my other half and my parents tucked in and they also had a sneaky bottle of my favorite wine which didn’t bother me either, I didn’t touch a drop but did have a sniff at the bottle when I was opening it :-)

With lunch out the way and everything cleared away a couple of hours later our other family arrived so again food preparation began. Making sandwiches was easy to cope with and putting chicken bits on a plate to cool and putting out other savory item such as crisps etc. I didn’t flinch…

Whilst everyone was eating the buffet I had my 2nd Cambridge product of the day which was when quite a few comments where made about how well I was doing and people could really tell I have lost nearly 3 stone and were really chuffed I had done this particular diet plan for 3 months and done so well and to keep on going.

My sister even tried a bit of my Chocolate Mint shake and said how lovely it was but she couldn’t cope with such a strict diet but it sparked a really nice conversation with me and my sister about weight in general and we also got chatting about binge eating & eating the wrong stuff in huge portions (she is very similar to how I was before I began CWP) and chatted about slimming world too and how a lot of the food could have been quite healthy if I was following that plan as there are so many recipes to try but are healthier alternatives.

I even lent her my old slimming world recipe book, which probably hasn’t changed that much, so she can try some recipes as she said she wanted to give it a go again. I lost 5 stone on that plan 5 years ago but didn’t learn about portion control and fell of the wagon and put it all back on again, but I hope I inspired her to give it another go and get healthier and slimmer which is what she wants deep down, the same as me. The biggest thing I have learned on CWP is PORTION SIZE which is half the problem I think and I feel a lot more in control as a result.

….Anyway getting back to mothers day the desert part was the hardest for me by a mile. I have a sweet tooth (savory food doesn’t bother me) and the gateaux and cheesecake looked so nice and chocolate is one of my favorite things in the world, but I didn’t have any at all. I was pleased with myself but it was very hard not to give in to temptation, I basically made sure I gave everyone big enough slices to ensure it would all be gone :-) I had my chicken and potato curry heating up which I had made the night before to make sure I had a healthy tea and to ensure I stuck too the plan.

My only fail of the day was eating a brown roll with a slice of ham & some egg on it as it was left on the plate in the kitchen and I thought Ive stuck to the plan all week, I have been drinking loads of water and a brown bread roll isn’t a big deal…and it isn’t is it? as when you think about it I avoided all the nice sweet calorie loaded stuff all day and that was a healthy treat (that is the way I thought about it and I have to think about my longer term plans as I can’t stay on Cambridge forever and I wont as I move up the steps to maintenance)

It got me thinking about healthy eating in general, why people are so tempted by bad food and over load their plates….post coming soon which may spark some great comments and debate :-)

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