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Week 26 – 2 Lbs Off – Finally My Half Stone Award With Slimming World & 3 Stone 7.5 Lbs Total Loss Now

Alprazolam Purchase Online

Having lost 3 stone on Cambridge in 19 weeks and following Slimming World for 7 weeks I made the switch to the Extra Easy plan since the original plan had only given me a 5 1/2 lbs loss which I didn’t feel was good enough. Everyone at group swears by Extra Easy so I thought I would […]

Week 25 – Maintained – Frustrated & Time For A Switch of Plan

Buy Cheapest Xanax Online

As you can see by this weeks food diary the original plan just doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have had 6 weigh ins at Slimming World and have only lost 5.5Lbs which I am really disappointed with. I know a loss is a loss but I feel I should have lost more […]

Week 24 – 1/2 Lbs On – Bauer Magazine & Digital Awards 2013 PLUS Blue & The Saturdays

Buy Cheap Xanax Online Uk

Looking back on this week a heck of a lot has happened, Obviously very disappointed with a ½ lb gain but looking over my food diary this week it is very clear Thursday night in London at our Annual Awards is the culprit for it, alcohol mainly, (and body functions also play a little part […]

Binge Eating – I Was Out of Control – Confession Time

Xanax Generic Online

I am 3 1/2 stone down (last picture on the right hand side) since I began my weight loss journey 24 weeks ago (picture on the far left) and I am feeling pretty proud of myself that I have finally broken a really bad cycle on binge eating which led me to where I was […]

Week 23 1lb Lost – But A Very Very Sad & Emotional Week

Buy Liquid Xanax Online

I am a little late writing this update but this week I lost a 1lb which I was OK with, was hoping for more but i guess the beauty of weight coming off slowly means it will stay off in the long run. I have 35 Lbs to go to target (which will means a […]

Week 22 – Woohoo 1.5 Lbs Off – First Meal Out in 5 Months

Buy Xanax Nyc

OK so this week I really had to dig deep and keep the willpower going as the last couple of weeks have been a real disappointment so I was determined to ensure I had a loss this week and to change anything I could to make it happen. I wanted to give the original plan […]

Week 21 – Maintained Weight – & Wedding Dress Shopping EXCITING

Prescription Drugs Online Xanax

Well with only 20 weeks to go until my big day arrives, you have probably guessed it is abroad by the picture, and I am more desperate than ever to lose the remaining 2 stone 10 lbs. I want to lose which will make my total loss 6 stones. This week I thought my food […]

Week 20 – Bodily Functions Are A Major @iss Off – 1/2Lb Gained

Sandoz Xanax Online

OK so this week was the week I was dreading after a great 4 lbs loss last week on my first week on Slimming World, bodily function week is always a problem for weigh in week, ask any women, with water retention, bloating etc. I must admit I still thought I would be OK having […]

Week 20 – 4lbs Lost – Total So Far 3 Stone 4 Lbs

Xanax Pills Online

This weeks weigh in was a 4 lbs loss and I am so pleased as I was terrified when I got on the scales last night. (as many of you will will know I have switched to SW) and I have been following the original plan but combining it a little with Cambridge to ensure […]