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Week 12 – 3lbs Loss – 31lbs Total So Far

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With lasts nights weighin showing a 3lbs loss I have now lost 31lbs so far and I am nearly half way to my target loss of 84lbs. Just another 12 more lbs and I will be there. Half way is another major target I want to achieve and hopefully I will smash that this month, […]

Week 11 – Breaking The 2 Stone Barrier – Before & After Pics

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This week was only a 2 lbs loss which I was very disappointed with to be honest, all that hard work sole sourcing for a rubbish loss. 3 1/4 lbs in two weeks (as I had a bad week last week too) to me is totally rubbish on step 1 which is what I dropped […]


Week 10 Loss 1 1/4lbs – Ok So What The Heck Went Wrong There?

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OK that went well……NOT!…… have you ever had one of those face palm moments and left wondering how dumb you could have been???? yep OK this was one of mine I laugh about it now but last night I was so cross with myself for being so stupid. No I did not cheat as many […]


Week 9 Loss 4 1/4lbs – Loss So Far 25 1/4 lbs

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Last nights weigh in was week 9 into my diet journey and I have so far lost an amazing 25 1/4 lbs, nearly 2 stone. The 2 stone mark will be a fantastic milestone and next week I am going to smash it for sure! 25lbs of fat looks totally disgusting and for those of […]


Super Dry – My Clothing Inspiration When I Reach My Goal Weight

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Last week was my birthday and I asked for money as there seemed little point in anyone buying me new clothes considering I am aiming to lose another 50 lbs at least on top of the 21 lbs I have lost so far. 7 Stones loss will do very nicely!! I have lots of jeans […]


Week 8 – 6 1/4 lbs Loss – 21 lbs So Far

After the little gain last week over the Christmas & New year period I was determined to have a great loss this week and I have totally rocked it (sorry to be big headed). This is my biggest weekly loss so far on the Cambridge Weight Plan and I have lost nearly 2 stones now […]

Week 7 – 3 1/4lbs Gain Over New Year – Darn You Jack Daniels

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OK so I gained a few lbs over the New Year period and it is fair to say it was mostly down to my good old friend Jack Daniels, although I did eat for England too. It has been my absolute favourite drink for about 20 years and I probably sunk at least a bottle […]

Dreaded 1st Weigh In of 2013

I am back on the Cambridge Diet 100% today, first day back at work and into a proper routine but saying I am kind of dreading my 1st weight in after the New Year festivities is an understatement. I maintained my weight after my Christmas weigh in and was pleased with that as I didn’t […]

Week 6 – I Maintained Weight Over Christmas

I was looking forward to last nights weigh in and was also a little worried about it to as it is the time of year when everyone over indulges on food and alcohol whether they are on a diet or not. I did promise myself when I began this journey that I was going to […]

Week 5 – 2 lbs Loss – 19lbs So Far

This week with only a 2lb loss on Step 3 was a little disappointing if I am honest however a few blips throughout the week I am sure was the cause of this, although its a loss right? Sunday 16th December I had a family christening so I had my breakfast (40g of Alpen) and […]