Reasons To Lose Weight & Keep It Off – My Motivational List

before and after 2 stone lossHaving lost 32 1/4 lbs in 13 weeks but not having such a great loss this week I decided to remind myself of why I want to lose the weight and keep it off.

Here is my list of motivations and why I am doing  this, writing them down helps me focus again and not be @issed of but remind myself a loss is a loss and in a few months time I will be where I want to be and enjoying all the benefits of being a much smaller me :-)

  1. I am getting married in September this year and want to look amazing and feel amazing
  2. I want to break a 20 year cycle for good – to enjoy healthy eating and stop the binge eating cycle
  3. I want to wear nice clothes and be able to go into any shop and buy anything I want, no more + sizes for me
  4. Regain some self confidence
  5. I want to be able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath
  6. Be healthy and fit when we decide to start a family so I can set a good example
  7. To inspire others and friends I know who struggle with weight that if I can do it anyone can
  8. To look good in a bikini on my holidays and my honeymoon in September
  9. To feel comfortable in general
  10. Extend my life expectancy
  11. Lower any risk of health issues, I haven’t had any health issues because of my weight and will make sure I never do
  12. Make my friends, family and most of all my partner proud of what I have achieved
  13. Less lethargic and more motivated to get off my butt and do things instead of being a couch potato, although I have always loved TV :-)
  14. To be able to buy nice matching underwear
  15. To be fab at 40 (2014) instead of fat at 40
  16. Enjoy life to the full, you only get 1 shot, make the most of it
  17. Feel lighter and less pressure on my joints – i’m already feeling the benefit of this being 32 1/4 lbs down :-)
  18. To have a happy relationship with food and to be in control
  19. Portion control – big is not best :-)
  20. To not be the fattest person in my circle of friends
  21. To be more active overall
  23. To be able to go on a plane and not use an extender seat belt – I can do this now :-)
  24. I will think of more :-)………………………………
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