SuperDry Still Selling Angora Products Online, In-Store & Partner Sites – Join The Ban SuperDry & Do The Right Thing!

angora jumper superdryHaving lost loads of weight my favourite brand of clothing is now Superdry and in the last couple of months I have filled my wardrobe at great expense with new t-shirts, jeans, boots, jumpers and cardigans. As the cold weather comes along, all my clothes were mostly summer clothes so I had to buy some jumpers and cardigans and bought from a brand I like and trust and could actually fit into now which at first has made me really happy…..

My partner came home the other day and was checking my jumpers for something so I asked what was wrong. They said that my Superdry jumpers had angora fur in them, to which I was very upset to find out about having read a lot of distressing reports about this recently in the news.

I do not recall an article in the news where Superdry had specifically been one of the names who have withdrawn angora products from their shelves and a quick search on at 11.50am this morning shows sadly they are still selling Angora products here

23/12/13 >> Update >> Superdry have still not withdrawn Angora / Marks & Spencer have…..official statement here >> #saynotoangorasuperdry #superdry COME ONE WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG TO MAKE A STATEMENT????

A recent article states 35 retailers are on board with the ban as in this article, ASOS, Primark and Top Shop have and Zara are being urged in this recent marie Claire article I for one won’t be buying anything from Superdry again nor any other shop if it has Angora in it and am saddened that SuperDry are yet to do the right thing being a favourite brand of mine. I am very tempted to go into my local store at the weekend, take the jumpers I have and demand a refund or burn them because I am so disgusted and upset by this. A very emotional response but I cannot cope with it any other way other than to react emotionally about it as it is such a disgusting trade.

We as consumers do not check the labels on garments before we buy them. In most cases we trust the suppliers and buy at face value. I am a MASSIVE animal lover and have been outraged and upset by the recent explosion in the press on Angora Fur trading. I do not understand how people can do this and sleep soundly at night, it makes me sick to my stomach and if I could dedicate the rest of my life stomping out every form of animal cruelty I would.

These people must get some sort of sick kick out of doing some of the things they do, they are not human beings they are VERY SICK!  Doing it for a wage is a pathetic excuse, knowing the difference between right and just so completely and morally wrong is what they need to learn.  Animals suffer in silence much like abused people do, they can’t say anything, they can defend themselves and humans think they can do what the hell they like, what gives us the right????? At the core of every act of evil it always has something to do yes you’ve guessed it….MONEY – come on SuperDry you make enough money without selling these to unsuspecting customers like me, do the right thing!

I could link to a video which I cannot bear to watch so I won’t but the title is enough to bring me to tears. What these people do is so cruel and makes me ashamed to be a human being.  I am so angry but why should the press need to expose this for people to wake up and realise this is just inhumane, this type of thing should never even reach the high street it is the retailers duty to inform people and also check themselves – How would a human like it if I tore hair from their body in clumps and ignored their screams of pain then threw them back in their cage to lie in their own excrement and suffer !!

I invite Superdry to join the many big high street brands who have already banned products from their stores, to do the same and make a stand against it! If you guys and other retailers cut off demand then there will be no supply required for Angora at all and these sick little people can go and find a proper job instead of inflicting pain on these poor animals which they seem to enjoy.

I seriously hope the recent news has made everyone aware of what is happening and seriously shuts down this cruel trade worldwide……money is the root of all evil…………this is so true and these traders are EVIL EVIL EVIL – I for one will make sure from now on I check product labels and never ever buy anything like this again… makes me sick and I would like to thank the press for making a huge deal about it and making people aware this kind of thing goes on and you could even be fueling this trade by buying these types of products…….it’s simple to stop it do not buy anything which has the word Angora on the label.


Just to make myself clear though any kind of animal cruelty makes me sick!

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  1. Kitty Hood says:

    Hi Karen, I’ve just found your blog. I’m in my third week at Slimming World (group) and stunned at the amount – and choice of food I can eat! I’ve finished reading your post on vile angora and Superdry, and agree with you100% I was totally in the dark about this evil trade and hideous cruelty until last year when I started getting emails from various animal protection/rights charities: there were some nights I couldn’t sleep thinking about the horror of it all. Thank goodness for the widespread media coverage educating consumers, and let’s hope the use of angora in the fashion trade and beyond, is soon a distant memory. I check everything woolly I buy these days just to be sure.
    I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your blog and hopefully picking up some hints! I’m half a stone down and seven to go.
    Thanks, Kitty

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