Week 11 – Breaking The 2 Stone Barrier – Before & After Pics

This week was only a 2 lbs loss which I was very disappointed with to be honest, all that hard work sole sourcing for a rubbish loss. 3 1/4 lbs in two weeks (as I had a bad week last week too) to me is totally rubbish on step 1 which is what I dropped down too as I thought I would really begin to lose bigger each week but that doesn’t seemed to have happened so far. I admit I had  couple of biscuits Sunday night and a bread roll but I am finding it hard to be convinced that those two tiny slip ups have kicked me out of ketosis and messed up my entire week of hard work! and yes Ive been drinking water at least 4 pints per day.

before and after 2 stone loss

After lasts nights weigh in I thought you know what I have lost 2 stones 1/4 lbs now & I have also lost 30 inches from my body (tummy, hips, chest, arms and legs) so why I am so annoyed I should be proud – so I thought I would post my starting picture and my after picture from last night to cheer myself up. I am doing really well so far with 4 stone to go I know in my heart of hearts I can do this but 2lbs last night was just @rap, I would have been over joyed with that loss if I hadn’t been on the CWP though which is the weird thing.

I think this diet is an amazing diet overall but makes you feel so disappointed with a fairly good loss. Slow steady weight loss plans are an average of 2 lbs per week but I am still a bit down about it as CWP is suppose to be a quicker loss diet – I think that is one of the downfalls of these type of diets – it teaches you to be disappointed unless you lose 4-5 lbs a week every week and it is hard to pick yourself up from it.

Having chatted to my consultant last night I am going to revert back to SS+ which means 3 CWP per day and a small protein meal in the evening. Maybe that small meal in the evening would have stopped me from eating those couple of biscuits and the bread roll on Sunday so I am hoping next week the loss is going to be what I expect it to be. Losing weigh has always been a roller coaster ride for me and I suspect a lot of people.

I could have done a heck of a lot worse than a couple of biscuits and a bread roll and have heard many other people on the plan have but looking at those photos above shows me the difference in how I look and that I am not going to cave in and stop dong it. I even went to the pub Saturday afternoon and had fizzy water with my CWP berry water flavouring and back coffee – no diet fizzy drinks or anything else.

As I say to others – remind yourself why you are doing this and why it is important to you somehow I will drag my carcass through and be the size I want to be.

I am now counting down to the next stone which will put me at a 3 stone loss and half way to my goal that is when it really starts to feel real.




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  1. WeeSam❤ says:

    I def have been having the same facepalm moment as yourself. having my 1st tetra about 10am then nothing till about 5pm, was wondering why since xmas I have only been maintaining and can’t seem to stick to it. em yeah because I’m absolutley famished. So now doing ss+ but with 4 packs no meal. and I’m doing much better this week. x

  2. hey there yes I did a few weeks on SS and didnt get on very well so I switched to SS+ and really look forward to the small protein meal in the evening and really curbs me from eating anything naughty, pleased you are doing better on SS+ too, SS is very hard core isnt it :-)

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