Week 12 – 3lbs Loss – 31lbs Total So Far

2 stone awardWith lasts nights weighin showing a 3lbs loss I have now lost 31lbs so far and I am nearly half way to my target loss of 84lbs. Just another 12 more lbs and I will be there. Half way is another major target I want to achieve and hopefully I will smash that this month, I am really feeling the benefits of losing all that weight so far.

As a way to keep me motivated as last week I was very annoyed about the 2lbs loss, my CDC kindly gave me these little things as a reminder I am doing really well, not to be so annoyed when I don’t lose big numbers, be happy I have lost over 2 stone and the fact that it is a loss is the most important thing. I feel much better now I am on the SS+ plan too, having a small meal in the evening is so much nicer than 3 packs a day and no food and it gives you something to look forward to.

Also for the first time I have now be able to wear a HollisterCo t shirt which was bought for me in Christmas 2011 which I have never been able to wear. Picking yourself up is easy when you take all the positive things that have happened. Droping more than a jean size too and reviving loads of old t shirts which are fairly new but never been warn as they never fitted me.

A bag of sugar weighs 2 lbs so when you look at it like that it’s a lot, somethings have to be kept in perspective and expecting 5lb loss every week just isn’t going to happen for me. I think when anyone starts these type of diets they have the illusion they will reach target in 3 months but everyone’s body is different, the quicker you lose it I think it is harder to keep off as you don’t learn anything along the way or address why you binged so much in the first place to put the weight on.

I hear and speak to a lot of people that do the plan and then end up re-starting over and over again, I still don’t have the answer why I binge ate in the past but I am hoping I will figure it out. I will be more than happy if I can lose the majority of it by May this year.

I can then start hunting for a nice wedding dress ready for September :-)




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