Week 13 1 1/4lbs Loss – Why? Why? Why? – Help.. Advice Please

funniesOK so we all know diets have their ups and downs, we have brilliant weeks when we lose loads and feel fantastic and then rubbish weeks of 1lb or a small loss etc. and know we have put the effort in but haven’t seen the reward on the scales on weigh in day.

I am not one of these people obsessed with weighing myself every day, I do not own a pair of scales deliberately and I only get weighed once a week with my consultant.

I always get excited about weigh in day because I know Ive done well that week and hope to be rewarded but the last 3 weeks my losses have been @rap and the image above sums up how I felt last night after I put in effort, even felt by my clothes like I’d had a good loss, to be totally disappointed…again….

This week I have upped my water to 4 litres per day on the advice of my Cambridge consultant, I had 1 diet coke Saturday evening which I know isn’t part of the plan but my CDC said I could have one since I was going to the pub for a family birthday and its kind of awkward to hide your CWP Berry Water Flavour if you don’t own a handbag :-) plus its 1 diet coke, no big deal! I also started using Douwe Egberts Hazelnut Coffee as I was assured I could have it and its coffee anyway.

I have been doing SS+ for 6 weeks now since I came off Step 3 after Christmas but to be honest I was doing better when I was on Step 3 and having a few carbs with my evening meal and a proper Alpen breakfast with skimmed milk with only 2 CWP packs per day.

Does SS+ not suit me? does my body need some carbs? am I literally starving myself by doing SS+ and my body is holding onto it? I just don’t know the answer but what I do know is its costing me £40 a week!!!

My CDC said last night lets switch you back to Step 3 and see how you do but I wanted to give it 1 more week on SS+ before I gave into going back on Step 3, I said something totally stupid like “I don’t want to as I will then be eating more and that 1000 calories a day” to which my partner was like what are you talking about? its 1000 calories? why are you worried about eating food? WTF………..this got me thinking….a lot……………

Is this diet plan making me afraid of food and it is really teaching me about healthy eating and how to manage my weigh?????? OK before I begin with my answer I am not bashing CWP….

I have done Slimming World previously and would have been delighted with a 1lb or 2lb loss on that so why am I so disappointed? well because I was under the misconception that I would lose 4-5 lbs a week basically from people I had spoken to who had done the CWP and other people who had done LL etc. and thought a VLCD (very low calorie diet) is a good option for me and the strictness of food choice it also what I need BUT it is too strict in the sense that I made that stupid remark last night or is it a psychological thing that VCLDs do to people? and I also don’t want to come off it in a few months time when I get to maintenance and end up with an eating disorder, that is scary stuff.

The last thing I want is to come off this diet, but if its making me afraid of food now what am I going to be like in 3 months time?

…I did lose 4 lbs a week for the first 6-8 weeks on Step 3 and as soon as I moved to SS+ everything slowed right down, I expected losses would be more since I was reducing calorie in take, removing carbs from my evening protein meal and milk, no Alpen for breakfast and replacing that with 3 CWP packs per day and a small protein meal but nope the last 3-4 weeks have not gone well at all and is this plan really teaching me healthy eating or am i doing more harm to myself than good?

Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong, or any advice you have would be greatly appreciated…………..jeez time for a cigarette after that rant anyway :-)




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