Week 14 – 1 1/2 Lbs Off – 4 Inches Lost – Go Figure

confusedOK so this week was a weird week, ever since I switched to SS then SS+ after Christmas, my losses have not been a touch on what my losses were in the first 8 weeks of my diet journey when I was following Step 3.

Me and my consultant have been trying to figure out what is going on through a process of elimination over the last few weeks (on SS+) removing bars, adding more water, no diet coke (which I admit I had a glass one week when I went out for a birthday celebration), a couple of biscuits I had one other week (and I mean only 2!) tried different recipes with the allowable foods, various things to try and figure it out :-) and guess what we haven’t.

So What Now?

OK so we have tried to figure it out but you have to try things and the only thing left that can explain it to some extend is my body is holding onto whatever it has as SS+ just isn’t enough fuel for me so we have agreed to put me back to step 3 so I get a few more more carbs in my daily diet to see if that can shake up my body and kick start things again.

I am really hoping this works as the last few weeks I have been pretty disappointed with my losses but a loss is a loss and that’s what I keep telling myself and losing inches is AWESOME anyway as it means clothes fit better and clearly you become leaner, it ain’t all about what the scales say as I wrote about yesterday.

I was on a real downer last week but picked myself up and yet again was disappointed last night after weigh in but I can do this and I know I will reach my goal maybe not as quickly as I would like but it isn’t a diet, this is a life changing event for me and not just a flash in the pan thing, I want to lose the weight healthy, feel good, look good and know I will never be the bigger person I am now and enjoy the new me and of course look fabulous on my wedding day in September :-)

chicken leek and potato curryGoing back to step 3 will feel very strange as it feels like I am eating loads again but that’s just rubbish, this is about losing weight in a healthy way and not being afraid to go up the plans if I need to. I am actually looking forward to having an apple and some rice etc, keeping food interesting and not getting bored and going back to my old ways…NO WAY!

There is one difference – I am only having the SS+ level of chicken/protein on the advice of my CDC as I cannot stomach the 245g of protein you should have in the book so its kind of a hybrid step 3 :-)

So my first evening meal on Step 3 again is chicken, leek and potato curry, yum….recipe will follow :-)

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