Week 15 – 2 1/2 Lbs Loss – Breaking The 2 1/2 Stone Mark (84 Lbs Countdown)

losses updateLast night’s weigh-in was a bit nervy as the previous week I had gone up to Step 3 as my weight loss had stagnated on SS+ for the last 3-4 weeks and I was beginning to lose a bit of faith. This feeling is only natural when you expect to have a minimum of 4lbs per week loss on a lower step and it just doesn’t happen for whatever reason and you where doing loads better on the higher steps in the first 8 weeks.

Step 3 was re-introduced as my CDC felt that my body was holding onto stores and not losing weight like it should on a plan of 600 ish calories and to my delight I lost 2 1/2 Lbs in the last week which brings me to 2 Stone 81/2 Lbs Lost so far…:-) I think in the pic on the left my @ss and legs are a bit smaller than at 2 stone lost :-) you can’t always see to much difference in half a stone but clothes wise I can.


Diets are full of ups and downs and expectations and I thought my losses would be quicker each week due to me following a VCLD/LCD but I think you do have decent losses in the first few weeks (or I did) but overall I am really happy that I am over 2 1/2 stone down and no longer carrying that additional weight around with me. I don’t care how long this takes but…….

At the beginning of this plan I set myself a challenge to loose 6 stones by the start of May 2013 which I call My 84Lbs Countdown¬†I have 2 months left on this challenge and if all goes well I should lose another 2 stone by then I think but it doesn’t stop then!! I am going to hit that 84lbs loss and hopefully go beyond that if I can.

Below is a small chart where I have plotted each week and the plan I have been following to give you an idea of how it has been going for me, I am nearly half way on the countdown but the graph is really interesting as you can see the good progress from the beginning on Step 3, a slight blip over the Christmas period, then switching to Step 2 with good initial progress and then switching to SS+ which is where it all kind of slowed down a bit. Lowering plans hasn’t seemed to have helped me that much, my BMI is in he higher 30s still so Step 3 it is for a little while, then I will switch again.

My 84Lbs Countdown (Graph)

84lbs countdown

I would be really interested to see how other Cambridge dieters graphs compare to mine, my body I think needs a few more carbohydrates in order to lose enough as the lower plans slow down the metabolism, (for me at least) the body needs shocking every once in a while and I have found switching plans sometimes helps when things stagnate.

Of course this was my first week back on Step 3 with a better loss than on SS+ but I suspect next week I will again lose at least the same, hopefully a little more :-) I am really going to push it and do as much as I can, exercise is an option I haven’t introduced yet so I have that on the back burner for now.

I think I have finally accepted that no matter what diet plan you are on the losses are never as quick as you expect, everyone is different and starving myself to the point where by body reacts negatively is not a good path for me.

The most important thing I have learned so far????

PORTION CONTROL – it is finally sinking in how big portions of food should be, why you shouldn’t over eat on carbs, to watch salt content, why it is important not to binge and be sensible with food – these are all benefits I see which are going to help me in the long run and that’s what this is all about – the long term………

A quick fix was never what I was looking for (although losing weight fast was) but having followed CWP for 15 weeks now I don’t believe the Cambridge Weight Plan is a quick fix, it is a healthy eating plan, with some meal replacement whilst you learn what things you are doing wrong and correct them. Some people do lose loads by no food (sole source) but I would rather have a little bit of food and learn as much as I can to ensure I never go backwards

CWP is a great option for me because of the long term benefits and I will continue with it no doubt about that…… and I will hit that 84lb countdown in plenty of time for my wedding in September :-)

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