Week 16 – 1 1/4Lbs Lot – 4 1/2 Lbs Away From 3 Stone Lost & A Little Confession

motivationThis weeks weigh in was again a little disappointing. Having moved up to step 3 two weeks ago I expected my losses would be a bit better after the SS+ stagnation period I had gone through in recent weeks and I should be losing more than this a week but I think I know why I didn’t lose much this week…………….

I feel like I am making a big confession :-) this is the first week (since Christmas week) I have had a few things I shouldn’t have had and I think it is important to be honest not only to myself but to others reading my blog too otherwise I am just kidding myself and my consultant. I am fairly sure I am not the only one following the plan who has done the same thing but I do hold my hand up and it was only THIS WEEK!!!!

I am only human like most of us and this week kinda got a bit too much for me with only having a lb or so losses for the last few weeks and flitting between my house and my mums house a bit more than usual helping look after her and I got out of routine quite a bit.

So when I realized biscuits where in the house I couldn’t help but have 2 or 3 …OK 5…..as a treat this also lead to…a ready salted packet of crisps the next day and a ham roll the next day plus some diet coke, not enough water each day and a bit more milk than I am allowed on step 3. I also recall pinching a small Yorkshire pudding off my other half’s plate while they were not looking (from a Sunday lunch) OK you may laugh and as I am writing this I am kinda giggling too but…

It is hardly a a big dirty McDonald’s loaded with fat and calories or a big chocolate cake but all the same eating things which are not in the plan. Although I did lose this week I could have probably lost more and got closer to that 3 stone loss milestone had i had not done those things :-)

I know a few people reading this will totally understand and even have a giggle to themselves and say “well i’ve done that too” and some will frown, however I try to look on the positive side of things as I am the smallest I have been for a long time and I am really losing weight and feeling so much better so to me this isn’t a joke really BUT I am not going to beat myself up about it either!

  1. I know what I have done wrong this week
  2. I admitted it
  3. Will I go off plan again………….hell no!
  4. Have I learned what a few cheats can do to what started out as a good week on plan…..hell yes but I am not dwelling on it!
  5. Will I make the same mistakes…………..hell NO!

Next week I am going to be under 15 stone for the first time in probably 5 years……..bring on next weeks weigh in.

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  1. Yvonne Hyde says:

    Go Karen. I did lighter life and lost 4 stone but didn’t have the follow up support (counsellor quit before my 100 days were up, so didn’t finish plan) it is fab, I’m sure you already feel amazing but keep going
    Yvonne x

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