Week 17 – Woohoo 40Lbs Now Lost – Hitting The Half Way Stage

half way thereThis week I reached a major target in my weight loss journey, I have lost 40 Lbs in total so far in 17 weeks on the Cambridge Weight Plan. OK its probably not as quick as some people but I began on step 3, then went down to SS & SS+ and didn’t get on very well, my body seemed to retain and didn’t want to give it up for some reason, so I switched back up to step 3 about 4 weeks ago and feel much happier now.

(image credit to memegenerator.net) and its a hilarious image I couldn’t resist using lol

Although Cambridge might be viewed as a quick loss plan by some people, a liquid diet etc. etc. I don’t view it in the same way. I did start out with the illusions of losing 6 stone in 4 months lol but realistically I knew it was a long term solution to a long term problem I have had for many years and breaking a lot of bad habits and changing the way i think about food.

Getting to the half way point is fantastic as I knew I could do it but actually feeling the results of losing such a big amount of weight so far just spurs me on and on, small amounts of food do not bother me now, before I used to binge quite badly and my portions where huge.

I am even moaning about my clothes not being too tight but too loose and having to buy new ones, yes I am moaning about it lol because I am a tight @it and didn’t want to buy new clothes till I reached goal!

Cambridge Weight Plan, through my consultant Norma B (highly commended consultant 2011/2012) has taught me one of the most valuable lessons I could ever have wanted and that was finally understanding PORTION SIZE & SELF CONTROL that was a huge part of my problem at the beginning.

So onwards and upwards today is another CWP day and I am fixed on my next target GOAL WEIGHT……………




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  1. Amii Parrish says:

    Hi, it was good to read your blog. I am also doing this diet and sometimes have down moments and really struggle even though i want to lose weight so badly. I will keep reading to keep me motivated.

  2. Karen says:

    oh thanks you I am pleased my posts help motivate you and this is a tough diet and you need all the support you can get :-) i can recommend a few good FB groups to join if you need extra support too, keep us updated on how you are doing x

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