Week 2 After Restart Last Week – A Disappointing Half Pound Loss But Its A Loss

Carol-Burnett-quoteWell last week’s weight in was a bit disappointing I only last half a pound and was quite surprised as I got back into my routine big style after my 40th birthday week. I also tried a few new recipes such as chicken noodle & bacon soup, the magic pancakes everyone raves about and also I made a Slimming World version of chocolate brownies which were gorgeous. I wondered as I went over my milk allowance a bit if that affected my loss as a few splashes of extra milk does add up over a week but surely not that much.

Recipes for you to have a look, try and print off that I used this week are:

Slimming world chocolate brownies
Chicken noodle and bacon soup with pasta
Magic pancakes

We even did gammon in a slow cooker twice and had salads for dinner and loads of super free food and OK it’s a loss I get that so I shouldn’t be disappointed but I was. I also think the rice pudding I made with almond milk, pudding rice and sweetener might have been a bit of a stumbling block for me too so ill cut back on that this week and see how it goes.

One thing that annoys me a lot and I am guilty of it myself is how slow weight loss is in general, you think you have had a cracking week, get to weigh in and expect 2-3 lbs and instead your left wondering what you did wrong. Everyone’s body is of course different and there are no quick fixes or fast options to weight loss – if you go back to your old style of eating you will gain weight!

This is why I love Slimming World as it teaches you what to eat and portion sizes and that you can have a bit of everything in moderation.

I really hope this coming Wednesday I get a good loss, I need a 2-3 lbs loss to give me a kick start as I still want to lose over 2 stone (having lost over 4 last year) so there is plenty of hard work still ahead.

I know I can do this, patience is not one of my strong points but I hope by May I can finally reach my target weight which is my next goal to aim for.

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  1. Rose Fawcett says:

    Half a pound’s alright better than putting on! When you think of a small pack of lard…….!

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